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Click below to watch ALL difficulties on FinanceQuestion 215264: really struggling v this ... Have actually done the remainder of homework but cant recognize when that is minus numbers of a no. Sequence. Succession is 10, 6,2,-2,-6. I have to find the nth term, the 12th term and 27th term. PLease aid and possibly define how that done. Give thanks to you for this reason much. Require it tonight. Thank you found 2 remedies by drj, tutor_paul:Answer through drj(1380)
(Show Source): You have the right to put this equipment on her website! succession is 10, 6,2,-2,-6. I have to discover the nth term, the 12th term and also 27th term.Step 1. Look for a pattern. Difference between 10 and 6 is 4. The distinction of 6 and also 2 is additionally 4. Difference between 2 and also -2 is likewise four, and the difference between -2 and -6 is four. Step 2. So very first term is 10 need to subtract 4 to obtain 6. 10 - 4(n-1) whereby n=2 for 6. Action 3. Check out if the formula works for the rest of the sequence. 10-4(n-1)= 10-4n-1=11-4n (as we point out in action 1, the distinction is 4. Now we recognize the an initial term is 10 so once n is 1 we acquire 10 due to the fact that 10-4(1-1)=10. Once n is 2, we gain 6 due to the fact that 10-4(2-1)=6. Once n is 3, we obtain 10-4*(3-1)=-2. For n=4, we get 10-4*(4-1)=-6. Therefore the formula works. Action 4. ANSWER: The equation for the sequence is 10-4(n-1) or 11-4nStep 5. ANSWER. Because that n=12, climate 11-4n=11-4*12=-37Step 5.

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ANSWER: for n=27, climate 11-4n=11-4*27=-97I expect the over steps were helpful. For cost-free Step-By-Step Videos on development to, please visit http://www.FreedomUniversity.TV/courses/ or for Trigonometry visit http://www.FreedomUniversity.TV/courses/Trigonometry.And good luck in her studies!Respectfully,Dr J prize by tutor_paul(519)
(Show Source): You deserve to put this solution on your website! If girlfriend look in ~ the sequence, friend will see that each number is 4 much less than the ahead number.So the nth term has a worth of: 10-(n-1)4.--------For 12th term:--------For 27th term;===========Good Luck,tutor_paul