What is Taylor Hicks" network Worth?

Taylor Hicks is one American singer, actor, and also reality tv contestant who has actually a network worth that $1 million. Although Hicks began his musical career in his teens, he achieved mainstream acknowledgment after showing up on the reality TV show "American Idol." This enabled him to relax his very first album through a major record brand in 2006. The quickly created a main point of dedicated fans who appreciated his energetic phase performances. In addition to his record career, the has showed up in Broadway musicals such as "Grease." In addition, he later on secured a residency at a ras Vegas casino, becoming the first-ever Idol winner to execute so. Hicks is additionally known because that hosting the original collection "State Plate."

Early Life

Taylor Reuben Hicks was born on October 7th of 1976 in Birmingham, Alabama. At the period of eight, Taylor relocated v his family to Hoover. The then received his first grey hair in ~ the period of 14. Not long afterward, his parental divorced. Taylor to be then raised partly by his stepmother Linda. Hicks has declared that his childhood to be difficult, and this is just one of the factors he is so attracted to soul and blues music. He likewise grew up alongside a half-brother named Shawn. Shawn was the one who encouraged Taylor to audition for "American Idol."

During his teen years, Hicks realized that he had a gift for music. He soon discovered that he had actually perfect pitch, a rare capacity that enabled him come recreate musical tones without reference tones. At the period of 18, Taylor had written his an initial song, and he had taught himself exactly how to play the electric guitar and also the church organ. Throughout his high school years, the played various sports.

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After graduating native high school, Taylor attended Auburn University and played in a extensive Panic covering band. He additionally continued to play varsity sports during this time while pursuing a major in business and also journalism. He also joined a band dubbed Passing Through.


After graduating native university, Taylor Hicks explored countless musical opportunities. He very first started his very own band, ultimately recording an independent album in 1997 referred to as "In her Time." by 2000, he had actually relocated come Nashville in stimulate to pursue a professional music career. He operated with created songwriters and singers to document a three-track demo tape, but no record label was interested in signing him. Challenged with what he referred to as an "oversaturation that the market," Taylor was compelled to leave Nashville after a year, returning to Alabama to explore other options.

He then performed at various live venues, joining established artists ~ above stage. He came to be quite well-known throughout this period, also performing in ~ the Talladega Superspeedway throughout NASCAR weekend in 2004. A 2nd album followed, licensed has been granted "Under the Radar." This significant level the success would prove to it is in a suggest of debate after he appeared on "American Idol." The present is intended because that amateur artists. However, Hicks to be never offered a record contract, therefore he never ever technically violated the contest"s rules.

In 2005, Taylor Hicks auditioned for "American Idol" in las Vegas. Paula Abdul and also Randy Jackson expressed passionate after his audition, yet Simon Cowell to be unimpressed. Cowell would later on admit that he to be wrong around Hicks. Taylor eventually discovered himself among the final three contestants, including Katharine McPhee and Elliott Yamin. In acknowledgment of his achievements, Taylor was offered the crucial to the City through the mayor of Birmingham. He was also given a parade.

In 2006, Hicks officially came to be the brand-new winner of "American Idol," beating McPhee. He to be the earliest contestant to win the competition at the period of 29. A number of brand endorsement and marketing avenues soon followed. Most important was the document deal, i m sorry was available to him by 19 Recordings Limited/Arista Records. The was additionally managed by Simon Fuller. He climate released his debut single, "Do i Make girlfriend Proud." Hicks then sue a producer in Nashville because that distributing his songs without permission.

In addition, Taylor was provided a $750,000 book deal for his memoir, which was later released with the title "Heart full of Soul: one Inspirational Memoir around Finding your Voice and also Finding her Way." It to be ghostwritten by David Wild. In addition, Hicks was given the opportunity to carry out in the Broadway music "Grease" in 2008.

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Taylor Hicks

Net Worth:$1 Million
Date the Birth:Oct 7, 1976 (45 year old)
Height:6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession:Singer, Musician, Author, Songwriter, document producer, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Restaurateur
Nationality:United states of America

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