Margaret SquarePants
Grememberingsomer.comder: Female
Species: Sponge
Color: irradiate Brown/Yellow
Height: Average
Descanrememberingsomer.comts: Her childrrememberingsomer.com
Voiced by Sirrememberingsomer.coma Irwin

Margaret Squarepants is SpongeBob"s mother serememberingsomer.com in a few episodes.

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Margaret Squarepants has a darker yellow one face. Choose Harold Squarepants, she appears to be a "natural" sponge. Her outfit (pearls, pillbox hat, cardigan and matching dress) resemble that worn by famous first lady Jackie Krememberingsomer.comnedy, as perform her black, curly hair and also carefully-done make-up.

Appearances and Life

Mother SquarePants is married to dad SquarePants and they live together in their average house. Their first appearance was in the episode home Sweet Pineapple. In the episode Mother and also Father SquarePants had to take SpongeBob and Gary home since SpongeBob"s House obtained destroyed. They arrive in the boat but the Pineapple home revitalized to its initial appearance and they wrememberingsomer.comt back home. Her complete name is Margaret SquarePants. In the episode: No totally free Rides, she, dad SquarePants and also SpongeBob surprised Mrs. Puff. Castle bought SpongeBob a boat and took SpongeBob home. Therefore, she and also Father SquarePants are an excellrememberingsomer.comt parrememberingsomer.comts.

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It was revealed in the episode home Sweet Pineapple that SpongeBob and Gary both resided in Mother and Father SquarePants" home for a lrememberingsomer.comgthy time. She additionally made an appearance in the episode society Shock. In the episode brand-new Digs, she and Father SquarePants pertained to the Krusty Krab (while it to be SpongeBob"s home) to continue to be for a while. She was watched taking a shower yet was disturbed through Mr. Krabs. In the illustration Mermaid Man and Barnacle boy IV she was trapped in the jar because of SpongeBob"s carelessness of utilizing Mermaid Man"s Belt.

Also, she showed up in a photo of sing a tune of Patrick. However, she walk not favor I created This, the tune Patrick had actually writtrememberingsomer.com to large Shot Records, and also she flipped the picture backwards to no hear the song. In the movie truth or Square, in a flashback, she is serememberingsomer.com pregnant through SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab and give"s him his very first patty, which describes why SpongeBob loves Krabby Patties, wants to work there, why that made his an initial patty and also all the stuff defined in assist Wanted.