What is the main idea of martin Luther King"s acceptance speech for receiving the Nobel peace Prize, and also what text evidence shows this?

The central idea of boy name Luther king’s Nobel tranquility Prize acceptance speech is that it validates his belief in the usage of non-violent protest to accomplish equality because that African Americans.

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as soon as Martin Luther King won the Nobel peace Prize in 1964, he offered his speech to reflect top top his success so far, and the achievements of the civil legal rights movement more generally. To obtain a sense of the main idea, take it a look at the third paragraph— ...

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When boy name Luther King winner the Nobel tranquility Prize in 1964, he offered his decided to reflect on his achievements so far, as well as the success of the civil civil liberties movement much more generally. To get a sense of the main idea, take it a look at the third paragraph—specifically, this section:

I conclude the this award which I get on behalf of that movement is a extensive recognition that nonviolence is the answer come the vital political and moral question of our time—the require for male to get rid of oppression and also violence there is no resorting to violence and also oppression.

In various other words, King is saying that being awarded the tranquility Prize has actually made him realize the not utilizing violence is the correct way to lug out the civil legal rights campaign.

It is clear that King drew inspiration for nonviolence indigenous the protest motions in India since he straight references India in his speech. Instead of seeing the absence of violence in this activity as an instance of “sterile passivity,” King realized the this was, in fact, a powerful method of making yourself heard. In addition, because that King, it provides sense that if you want to live in one equal and also tolerant world, you have to start indigenous a location of love, no a location of violence and also oppression.

As the decided continues, King further validates his central idea the nonviolence is the prize to social change. He referrals the Civil legal rights Bill, because that example, which was a significant achievement. It is his belief that together African Americans continue to preach love and also peace, the Bill will be prolonged to improve more facets of American society.

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Finally, King recommendations the holy bible in his justification the nonviolence by quoting the passage around the lion and also the lamb lying down together. For King, then, relaxed protest is not just vindicated v the receipt that this award but by God himself.