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Glacier fixed balance


Boulder pavement at Whitburn Bay, county Durham. The boulders represent an erosional surface in between two glacial tills.You are watching: ________ is among the two major flow instrument in a glacier.

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Carboniferous limestone boulder in till in ~ Whitburn Bay. The boulder is shame by glacial erosion and also scratched by call with other rocks and ice.


Two tills remainder on peak of Magnesian Limestone radical at Whitburn Bay, overlain by deformed glaciofluvial sands (sands deposited by a proglacial river). Keep in mind the large, faceted boulders at the boundary between the 2 tills.

Complexly interbedded, folded and also deformed sands in middle Pleistocene sediments at Warren home Gill.
Deformed and also faulted chalk clasts in center Pleistocene glacial tills in phibìc Norfolk, describe brittle deformation.
Rafts of chalk have been thrust up on peak of one one more within glaciotectonised sediments in north Norfolk

Different types of glacier flow

Glaciers perform not just circulation in a stable state, however. We have actually cold-based glaciers, i beg your pardon have little flow velocity; polythermal glaciers, i m sorry are partially frozen to their bed; wet-based glaciers which have actually sheet circulation (as is explained in the above sections); ice cream streams, i beg your pardon have an extremely rapid flow velocities; and surging glaciers, which have periods that rapid circulation separated through quiescent durations of slow flow. The an essential differences in temperate glacier circulation is summarised in the table below. Every of these different flow regimes results in a set of different and diagnostic glacial landforms.

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