Niall Horan is the just member the One Direction that was not born in England. He to be born in Mullingar, Ireland.

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If Niall is your favorite member that One Direction, you must read these peak fun facts about Niall Horan and also see how numerous you don’t know!

Niall’s center name is James.

Niall is the just member that One Direction that was not born in England. He to be born in Mullingar, Ireland.

His date of birth is September 13, 1993. He is 28 years old.

His father is dubbed Bobby, his mom is called Maura.

He has one brother called Greg.

Niall Skype’s his family and also close friends native their tourism bus.

He has actually blue eyes.

Before they called the band One Direction, Niall argued they should be ‘Niall and the Potatoes’.

He trust in no sex prior to marriage.

His star authorize is Virgo.

Niall’s microphone has actually the colour of the irish flag stuck to the bottom the it.

The only book Niall has ever read is ‘To death A Mockingbird’.

Niall theatre the guitar.

His guitar was the ideal Christmas present he ever before received.

Niall cannot play the piano.

He likes girls v brown eyes.

Niall didn’t take his t-shirt off in the ‘What provides You Beautiful’ video clip because that didn’t think he was slim enough.

Niall feeling awkward talking about his body.

His favorite subject in school was geography.

Niall didn’t carry out his college exams.

He never went to his college prom.

Niall no it as soon as a girl is also afraid to eat in front of him.

On the X Factor, Katy Perry said Niall no to let she down. The day your album came out in the U.S. She tweeted Niall saying “Congratulations, friend didn’t allow me down”.

Niall had two fish called Tom and also Jerry, however they both died because he end fed them!

He is left-handed.

His favourite aftershave is Armani Mania.

He speak in his sleep.

When Niall hugs, he buries his face in the person’s neck.

Niall sings in the shower.

When he watched the movie Finding Nemo for the very first time, he cried!

He has actually a cat referred to as Jess.

Niall has actually read the first page of Fifty Shades the Grey, he said it was good but didn’t end up reading it.

Niall loves Galaxy chocolate, yet lets confront it, who doesn’t!

Niall had actually a live hamster thrown in ~ him during a concert.

Niall visited his first gig when he was ten years old, he experienced ‘Busted’ in Dublin.

He likes to swear a lot, which is why the is typically quiet in interviews.

Niall likes girl who have the right to put on various accents or speak various languages.

Niall waxed his legs for charity, however said that wouldn’t do it again as it was too painful.

He loves a night in. He’s really content being house alone, watching sports on a weekend.

He admits that he would favor to lick a fat man’s armpit, 보다 drown in a sea that mayonnaise!

Niall is a ‘Belieber’.

He screamed once Justin Bieber followed him top top Twitter.

Niall would choose to collaborate through Justin Bieber.

His favorite pets are giraffes.

He has claustrophobia, i beg your pardon is the are afraid of small/enclosed spaces.

When he was younger, he had a fear of clowns.

He has actually size 8 shoes.

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Niall can put on numerous accents, he is good at the Scottish accent, the Geordie and American.