Religion is a component of many people"s lives. Religion deserve to be an extremely influential come a culture with the values and moral standards outlined in the belief system.

Sometimes spiritual beliefs deserve to clash with famous culture, forcing the faithful members of details cultures to practice cultural divergence. A great example of this is the Amish society in the united States.

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The Amish space a type of Christian spiritual group. Component of the id of this society is that they have to reject modern conveniences and also luxuries.

Amish Transportation

Source: Lancaster ar Amish 03, Wikimedia

The Amish are greatly farmers and also woodworkers. The Amish have their own neighborhoods that are relatively separate from modern-day towns and cities. Castle grow and also make just around everything they need for life themselves.

Amish Farming

Source: Amish family, Lyndenville, new York, Wikimedia

You deserve to see in this picture, the Amish have embraced some modern-day technology, like the tires on this farm machine.

Amish girls in traditional Dress

Source: Lancaster ar Amish 02, Wikimedia

The Amish have their very own schools and also churches within their communities. Outsiders room not free to join, together they worry about the affect of modern society, i m sorry they check out as sinful, on your community. The separation the Amish keep between themselves and other communities is an example of social divergence.

Activity: use your expertise of the Amish to check your understanding of social divergence based on religion.

Popular culture is large spread, an international scale, and also a mixture of plenty of different cultures in one place.
One the the most crucial parts of culture is food! Food is likewise one that the very first parts of culture to it is in shared and also to spread. Food is a big part of holidays, traditions, religions, and also everyday life for all cultures.

The United states has much more cultures than any type of other nation on Earth! This country of immigrants was constructed of societies from all over converging here, and also living together.

Example 1

Source: Tacobellsunnywale, Wikimedia

Mexican layout food is popular all over the U.S.

What is actually renowned is "Mexican-American" food.

It is based on Mexican food, but with some alters to very nice to much more people"s taste.

Taco Bell food is based upon foods uncovered in mexican culture, however the food selection items room modified come appeal come the tastes of much more people in the unified States. The readjust of Taco Bell"s food selection items is an instance of social convergence.

Activity: to compare the pictures of the taco below. Note the differences and also similarities between them. Then answer the multiple selection questions to check your knowledge of cultural convergence with food.

Source: Taco Bell tacos, Wikimedia

There are instances of American cultural convergence in various other countries. McDonald"s serves food the is considered American, yet the menu alters in other nations to appeal to the tastes of each countries" cultures.

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Example 2 – McDonald"s Restaurant

To be effective in various other cultures, McDonald"s has adjusted its food selection to the types of foods and also tastes of the human being in the cultures they serve.

This is the "MEGA Teriyaki" at McDonald"s in Japan. It"s usually a "Big Mac" but with teriyaki sauce instead of the "secret sauce" used in the U.S.
This is a distinct meal offered at McDonald"s in China come celebrate Chinese brand-new Year. It contains a grilled chicken burger, curly fries, and a placemat with predictions for all 12 Chinese astrology animal signs.