Voice-Over Narration—How to acquire it Right and How to obtain it Very Wrong

A common piece the advice given to newer screenwriters is: protect against voice-over narration at all costs. This can be confusing for the fresh-faced writer. After ~ all, many of their favourite films feature movie voice-over.

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Not only that, but many of your favourite moments in your favourite films are add by memorable piece of voice-over narration.

The young screenwriter starts. They pace about their room. Castle glare at the computer system resting in ~ the various other side of the room. ‘But why?’ castle scream. ‘Why one dominion for them and also a different rule for us?’

Rest assured; this article will no discourage the usage of voice-over narration. Instead, it will draw attention to the inherent dangers of voice-over narration.

It will likewise emphasise and explain the need for care when creating voice-over. But it will certainly then highlight an excellent examples that voice-over narration in bespeak to demonstrate the technique’s brilliant potential.

Voice-Over Narration—Why is it Dangerous?

Screenwriting manuals have tendency to compare movie voice-over to negative eggs. They guarantee readers that it will certainly make your screenplays stink. They declare it should be avoided.

The screenwriting gurus have actually a point. Movie voice-overs certainly can reek like a poor egg.

The trouble is the voice-over narration is a standard trap for telling rather than showing.With voice-over narration, who is informing us, as an audience, piece of details that we could be seeing. This is the fundamental problem.

Too often, screenwriters use voice-over together a type of exposition. They see voice-over together an easy way to convey vital information. This is normally the wrong method to strategy the use of voice over.

Great movie voice-over narration reflects as it tells.

The voice-over does not just tell us details the we must know around the plot.Instead, the voice-over expose something about the story or character past what is said.The finest voice-overs never simply offer expository information. They perform something more.

Voice-overs have to never be provided to get out that screenwriting holes. Nor need to they be supplied in time of desperation. Instead, they are effective when the story demands a voice-over.

A great voice-over is always around much an ext than the information it states. The voice-over has actually a meaning in and also of itself.

5 Times and Ways to use Voice-Over Narration:

1. The Storyteller and also Storytelling

A movie voice-over immediately introduces a storyteller. In law so, it harks ago to mankind’s innate desire come tell, and to listen to, stories.

The ide of a narrator takes us back to the work of sitting around a campfire, where the village poet spun story while the audience necked mead. Or something choose that.

Cinema has, for the many part, placed the town poet the end of business. We no longer need a single storyteller forward the story. Instead, we have the right to visually recreate the stare on a screen.

Having a narrator in a film, then, simply in order come tell the story, is pointless. It’s always important to monitor the ascendancy of show don’t tell.

Numerous screenwriters, however, include a narrator or storyteller in their films. In order to know why, let’s focus on Wes Anderson’s movie—The cool Budapest Hotel.


Look how an excellent an focus this voice-over has actually on storytelling itself. Each component of the decided is plucked native a tradition of storytelling.

‘A method out in the West,’ for example, is how a million stories have started.The ton of the composing is conversational. It’s together if this man has actually just satellite down alongside us at the bar and also begun come speak.Note the repetition of ‘fella, fella, fella’. Even the man who it is intended the speech, a cowboy, is a Hollywood stock-figure.

What’s amusing around this speech is that it appears to collection to be setting up a west movie. Instead, we’re provided a comic crime drama collection around Los Angeles. This is, in numerous ways, a movie about the movies and about narrative itself.

The use of voice-over is a form of pastiche. It mimics what has come before in stimulate to create something different.

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The Coen brothers don’t usage the voice-over to convey the plot, they use the voice-over to laugh at the long-standing use of voice-over transparent cinema.The voice-over comment on the much longer oral heritage of telling and also re-telling stories.Parody

Voice-over narration is offered to a an ext parodic impact in mar Harron’s American Psycho (adapted indigenous Bret Easton Ellis’ novel).