A at sight Dump is a dump van equipped with a solid Arm™ rolling axle, which permits the van to change on demand, significantly stretching its all at once axle length so that it can carry substantially more weight in compliance v bridge regulations (legal vehicle weight limits).

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A at sight Dump has four to seven total axles, and also is qualified of legal payloads varying from 19-26 Tons. At sight Dumps lug payloads same to trailers and transfers, while preserving the maneuverability and also quick come back time that a standard tandem recording truck. The unique mix of huge payload & quickness is what renders the super Dump the most abundant and profitable dump truck on the road.

According come the federal bridge formula (and most state weight laws as well), a vehicle"s allowable load is increased by adding an ext axles and/or adding an ext overall axle length (the distance from the first to the critical axle on the truck). Well the strong Arm® trailing axle does both: as soon as the strong Arm® is deployed, it adds an axle plus 11-13 feet come the in its entirety axle length, and thereby increases its allowable weight by as lot as 14,000 lbs (7 tons).

Super Dumps have the right to haul more paylaod than any type of other straight dump truck. And of course, once you have the right to carry more payload every trip, her revenue and profits rise significantly. When you invest in a super Dump rather of a common straight dump van (including tandems, tri-axles, quads, and also quints), the extr payload hauled each pilgrimage results in the supervisor Dump paying because that itself - in additional revenue alone - countless times over.

Productivity and also profitability aren"t attributes of payload alone, however. after ~ all, transfers, pup trailers, and long end dump trailers carry large payloads choose Super Dumps. However those intake trucks space tedious, cumbersome, and time-consuming; such that the extr payload castle haul contrasted to usual straight dump van is almost completely squandered by their inefficiency and slowness. This is whereby the at sight Dump important stands apart from every others: it hauls the payloads of recording trailers and transfers, when being simply as agile and also quick as basic straight trucks.When in ~ the dump site, and whenever the dump body is empty, the solid Arm® stows above the recording body, totally out of the method for dumping operations, and also without hindering the truck"s maneuverability. When a trailer or transfer deserve to haul 26 tons of payload come the task site, when it come at the site it"s STILL a trailer or transfer, and the task of backing up and dumping (twice, for a transport or pup) can be painfully time-consuming. Meanwhile, a super Dump (carrying the same 26-Ton payload) come at the project site, stows every one of its assistant axles including the solid Arm®, and also gets in, it s okay dumped, and heads earlier to the loading website as quickly as any kind of short right dump truck. because that short- and also mid-range jobs, i beg your pardon are typical for intake trucks, a supervisor Dump will commonly LAP trailers, pups, or transfers, delivering an additional load each day. At 26 lots per load, that means a lot in regards to revenue and profitability. And the much shorter the distance, the more the super Dump"s efficiency shows, together it can lap the trailers and also transfers numerous times in one day.

The super Dump is more financially rewarding than any type of other straight dump truck because it hauls significantly more payload each trip, and it"s more profitable than recording trailers, pup trailers, and transfers because its exceptional maneuverability and also quickness outcomes in added loads yielded to the job site.

The strong Industries recording Body

Strong sectors originally produced trailing axles only, retro-fitting the attachments hardware because that installation on dump body of every size and also shape, indigenous just around every dump body manufracturer. This process gave united state a distinct opportunity to analysis all the different body designs, native the perspective of what works well for general dump truck performance, and what works well for Super intake performance. ~ all, a at sight Dump is all around maximizing payload, and the vast majority of dump bodies waste payload with materials and designs the are far heavier than they should be.

So we ultimately determined to produce our very own dump bodies together well, acquisition the finest of the designs and features we"d encountered, and also creating all-new draft that are the perfect balance that durability and body weight. Indigenous the form of the bed come the form of the tailgate, the exact type of high-strength steel to usage in each and every component, and the an exact placement the the human body on the van chassis because that the optimum weight distribution: maximum payload with maximum power has constantly been our mantra, and the solid Industries recording bed shows this in every way. It"s now been over two decades since us started structure the dump bodies, and also with each brand-new model we"ve designed, we"ve enhanced the durability while keeping maximum payload.

Our newest supervisor Dump body will last longer than any type of we"ve ever built, while our customers proceed to benefit from the mix of large payload and also quick turnaroud that provides the super Dump the most profitable dump truck on the road.

The brand-new Super Dump features a new & boosted dump body, two choices of the latest solid Arm trailing axles, and also state-of-the-art mobile modern technology with the IntelliTruck system. Examine out the video clip to learn around all the recent improvements.

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The super Dump can bring twice as much payload as the common tandem dump van in accordance with bridge laws and also weight regulations (federally as well as most state laws). But what walk this typical for the owner that the truck? If you at this time own a plain old tandem van (or you"re looking come buy a recording truck), how would investing a little much more into the initial expense of a super Dump influence your immediate and also long-term income? examine out this video, wherein we break down the numbers because that you.
Maybe it"s apparent that a at sight Dump is much more productive and financially rewarding than a level tandem recording truck, or even a tri-axle or other straight truck. Yet what around a long dump trailer? part folks wrongly assume that because dump trailers lug as much payload as Super Dumps, they"re simply as productive. However, together this video illustrates, productivity is a function of payload and also quickness, and also the super Dump will frequently lap a dump trailer (multiple times) each day.