Sling Psychrometer is offered to measure both the dried bulb and wet bulb temperatures at time. This temperatures space a measure of humidity contents in air.

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Description of Sling Psychrometer

The main parts of the tool are


There are 2 thermometers in this instrument.

1.Dry bulb thermometer, who sensor pear is in direct contact with waiting (mercury is the sensing element)

2.Wet bulb thermometer: the sensor pear of this thermometer is covered with a wick of noodle or muslin moistened through pure waterA glass framework is listed as the housing for the instrument.

A rotating handle is attached come the glass structure housing – the arrangement of the thermometer to ensure the the wait in the wet bulb constantly in immediate contact with the wet wick.

When a thermometer pear is straight exposed to a mixture of air-water vapor, the temperature shown by the thermometer is the dry bulb temperature.

When the bulb of a thermometer is extended by a constantly wet wick and also if the bulb spanned by the wet wick is exposed to the mixture of waiting vapor and water, the temperature shown by the thermometer is the temperature the the wet bulb.

Operation the Sling Psychrometer.

In order to measure the dried bulb and the temperature the the wet bulb, the disposition that the thermometer that the psychrometer- glass sheathe – is rotated indigenous 5 m / s to 10 m / s to achieve the essential air movement.

Note: critical condition is that the correct / precise measurement of the wet pear temperature is obtained only if the waiting moves v the speed roughly the wet wick. To acquire this air velocity, the psychrometer is spinning.

The thermometer whose bulb is empty contacts the air shows the temperature that the dry bulb.

At the same time, the thermometer whose bulb is covered with the wet wick come in contact with the air and when this overcome the wet wick existing in the thermometer bulb, the moisture current in the wick begins to evaporate and also a cooling impact occurs developed in bulb. Now the temperature shown by the thermometer is the wet pear thermometer the will naturally be reduced than the temperature of the dry bulb.

Note: If the psychrometer is rotated because that a quick period, climate the registered wet bulb temperature will certainly not be adequate.

Note: If the psychrometer is turned because that a longer period, the wick will dry soon and also the temperature the the wet bulb will not be in ~ its minimum value.

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Application that Sling Psychrometer

It is used for checking humidity level in air-conditioned rooms and installations.It is supplied in the measurement range of 0 come 100% RH.It is offered for measure wet bulb temperature in between 0’C to 180’C.

Limitation of Sling Psychrometer

1. The measured medium is altered due to the act of measurement. The evaporation procedure in the wet pear will include moisture to the air.2. Can not be offered in cases of automation requirements.3. Can not be offered for constant recording purposes.4. If the wick is covered with dirt, the wick will harden and its water absorption capacity will certainly be reduced; however, a stubborn / dirty wick will go back to normal once boiling in warm water