You reap an occasional game of table tennis, yet don’t have enough time to discover the substantial world the ping pong rules? Or simply don’t feel choose going through five pages the things just to get solution to one question? We feel your pain. That"s why we come up with a list of height 11 most frequently asked inquiries about ping-pong rules. Let"s dive in.

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How lengthy is a game?

A game in table tennis is play until among the football player scores 11 clues or if there is a 2 suggest difference ~ the score to be tied (10:10).

A game used to it is in played till 21, but that preeminence was readjusted by the ITTF in 2001.

How lengthy is a match?

A complement can be a finest of any kind of odd number of games: 3, 5 or 7, but most world play 5 games.

How countless serves does each player get?

Each player it s okay 2 serves, and also it alternates until among the football player scores 11 points, unless there is a deuce (10:10). In that case, each player gets just one serve and it alternates until among the players it s okay a two point lead.

Do I must serve diagonally (like in a consistent tennis game)?

No. If we’re talking about singles, the just thing you should do is hit the ball so the it passes over the net and access time the opponent’s half of the table.

In doubles, however, the ball demands to fight the right field of the opponent’s half.




Where do I should stand during a serve?

If you’re the human being serving, you must stand behind the end line that the table, and also the ball demands to be visible, and above the surface of the table. The receiver have the right to stand where he deems ok.

So that is perfectly legal to offer from means outside the sidelines of the table, noted the ball remains behind the finish line at the begin of the serve.

In practice, this is no done very often since it can put the server out of place for the rest of the rally.

What wake up if the balls hits the net, or goes around the net?

During a serve, if the sphere hits the net however still bounces ~ above the opponent’s side of the table, the point is a allow (which means it needs to it is in replayed). If the round hits the net and also doesn’t make it come the other fifty percent of the table, the recipient is automatically awarded a point.

During a rally, if the round hits the net but still bounces ~ above the opponent’s next of the table, the rally continues, yet if the round hits the net and doesn’t do it to the other half of the table, the recipient is automatically awarded a point.

So basically, as lengthy as the round does no go under the net, or between the network post and also the network for those nets that execute not expand to the network post, it is thought about to have passed end or around the net assembly if friend hit the ball and also it go on the opponent"s playing surface.

So, also though the sphere doesn"t take trip over or about the net as soon as you fight the ball, the rule say that doesn"t matter.

This shot is only ok, as lengthy as the sphere does not finish up hitting the next of the table peak (white heat is acceptable, side is not).

Can I serve a game/match allude (or go my foe need to serve if it’s my game/match point)?

This is one of the most generally asked question, and also the prize is: Absolutely!

What wake up if friend hit the round (whether it’s throughout a serve or a rally), and also once the ball hits the opponent’s side of the table, that bounces earlier to her (due come spin)?

In this situation, the point would be awarded to you. The foe in this instance has come hit the ball prior to it overcome by net assembly and also is earlier in her court.

If a player reaches throughout the network assembly and makes a contact with ball, he loser the suggest immediately. And if the player access time the round in his own court, by meaning it"s an invalid return so he loses point again.

TIP: either way, shot to prevent doing this ~ above purpose. This is a tricky shot, and it’s really hard to regulate it. In many cases, the round will end up being too high, or it will hit the net.



If the ball touches the opponent but not the opponent’s side, whose suggest is it?

Let’s store things basic and say that you should never, in any situation struggle the sphere if that hadn’t touched her side the the table first. That is recognized as sink or “obstruction”, and it’s one illegal shot in table tennis.

To make it less complicated to remember, let’s put it like this: you are not allowed to fight the round while that on its way to the table. If you do this, and you obstruct the path of the round (whether it’s through your paddle or any component of her body), your adversary will be awarded through a point.

If friend hit the balls after it had currently passed the end line the the table, you would obtain a point, because your adversary failed to do the sphere hit her side that the table first. Either way, you must avoid act this altogether, that means you i will not ~ hit the round unintentionally and also obstruct that path.

What wake up if girlfriend touch the table?

If you touch the table surface with your cost-free hand (the one that’s not holding a paddle) during a rally, your enemy will it is in awarded with a suggest automatically. This also applies if you relocate the table through anything you’re wearing or carrying.

What happens once a player offer or scores illegally, yet there is no default umpire to contact it?

This is a really common problem. Occasionally the rule are simply not particular enough and also can be open up to interpretation, yet other times you simply need an unbiased person to decide whether a shooting is legitimate or not.

When this is no the case, and also there is no qualified umpire present, you’ll need to rely top top the so-called “honor system”. The “honor system” method that the players require to involved an agreement amongst themselves.

The best method to that is to set some floor rules before the game, and also discuss few of the situations you feel are most likely going come happen.

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We understand that table tennis rules can be a little difficult at times, and also that we simply scratched the surface ar here. That’s why us made the our mission to aid our other ping-pong lovers recognize the game a little better by publishing weekly blog short articles that will aid even the least experienced players.

Stay tuned, and also in the while if she impatient, feel totally free to contact our professional Concierge Service, they’ll it is in happy to answer all your questions- even the ones you think are stupid!