Our Riddle application is starting to acquire a little traction now. The is dubbed “Riddle Robot Eyezak, the Puzzle Master”. Girlfriend can discover our Riddle application on the Play save (android) and also the app Store (iOS). In ours Riddle App, Eyezak asks you end 5000 riddles, and each riddle can be a “dad-joke,” “easy,”, “intermediate,” “advanced,” or “genius” level. This certain riddle is classified together an “intermediate” level riddle. Us will comment on some feasible answers and why home window is the exactly one.

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What inventions have the right to you think of that could let you see with a wall? permit me list a few things I deserve to think of ideal now, and also we will see just how each of them fares at answering the riddle.

x-ray machinecamera on other sidea friend v a walkie-talkiea holea windowX-Ray Machine

Have you ever damaged a bone or been to a chiropractor? Both of this would have probably exposed you come an X-Ray machine. X-Ray devices are designed to watch through, well, anything really. In modern-day day however, they room most typically used in the medical field to see inside the body. X-Ray machines have the right to see through many materials, yet some products either cannot be seen through at all or they leave varying density translucent parts on the last picture.

X-Ray machines are rather proficient at seeing v Humans and also helping medical professionals track down internal body issues, however are they great at seeing v walls? Technically they deserve to see through some walls, but definitely no all walls. Because that instance, if the wall surface were make of some kind of metal or reenforced concrete, one X-Ray machine would be fully useless. Beyond that though, your primary function is no to see with walls. Our Riddle application question is trying to find something an ext specific.

Camera on various other Side

Eyezak would certainly appreciate this answer, but does it actually resolve once you consider every part of the question? Well, cameras have several purposes. One of its primary functions however, is enabling you to see action in a place that is not in straight line that sight, like the various other side of a wall. You might easily have actually a webcam setup top top the various other side that a wall, and also have that streaming come a device on her side of the wall.

The concern is, would Eyezak the Riddle Robot think about this the answer come our riddle? The price is probably not. The reason is because, even though you room seeing what is on the other side the the wall, you space technically not seeing “through” the wall. To check out “through” the wall, you would have to look straight at the wall, and also be able come see best through the wall, as if it were not there, come the various other side.

This prize is circumventing the question. You room not actually seeing “through” the wall. You space seeing the picture of something on the various other side of the wall through a videotaped facsimile that the activity on the various other side. Because you space cheating with this answer, that is no the correct one. Eyezak the Riddle Robot from our Riddle app would it is in proud of friend trying come beat him, but unimpressed by her incorrect answer. What possible answer is next?

Friend with Walkie-Talkie

Did you ever before play cops and also robbers? some times, if you have a many of civilization with the game, and also you all decide to enable props, girlfriend can obtain a bit creative with how you play. If plan effectively, your whole team deserve to be in constant contact making use of walkie-talkies, which could give friend the edge to evade or execute capture! her buddy could see a member that the the contrary team coming her way, and give you an upgrade over the air, offering you time to change your place or strategy.

The very same thing uses to this riddle make in our Riddle app by Eyezak the Riddle Robot. You could have a girlfriend on the other side of the wall surface with a walkie-talkie, waiting and also dictating to you every detail about what he deserve to observe on the various other side. Depending upon the friend, this can even be better detail 보다 you can observe on her own, and might also be far better than seeing it yourself.

But does it answer this riddle? most likely not. The concern asked by the Riddle application is asking just how you have the right to “see through” a wall. While yes, if your friend is super descriptive, you might have severe amount the detail, and also may even be able to visualize the other side that the wall in your head. Quiet though, you room not “seeing through” the wall. You are just visualizing what is over there. This is definitely not the price Eyezak or the Riddle app want. Permit us relocate on.


A hole?! would certainly our Riddle application or our Riddle Robot desire you to placed a hole in her wall?! If you had a hole in your wall, you might have some huge problems. First, a hole in a wall is totally defeating the primary purposes of the wall. Walls should safeguard you indigenous the elements. They have to prevent, at the very least to part degree, not authorised access. They must be sturdy sufficient to stand up to a fairly sized attack. Through a feet in them, nobody of this things room satisfied.

Despite that, technically it does permit you come see through the wall surface itself. You have the right to look in the direction of the wall, and also see clear through it because, well, there is no wall there anymore. Yet there is a problem with this answer. The is unlikely that anyone, including Eyezak or the Riddle App, would think about this an invention. Innovations tend to be less destructive, and more helpful. Also, holes space not really invented, they space discovered, which is something rather entirely.

Because the this, a “hole” is more than likely not the answer anyone is really in search of here. Possibly a more specific form of hole, that does not break the basic role for a wall, might actually it is in the prize though. How about a window?


A hole the is expertly carved out and also filled v a transparent product like glass, is dubbed a “window,” at least in many parts of the world. The Riddle application is questioning if we have an development that allows us to see with a wall. As debated above, while answering the riddle, we need to maintain the integrity and primary role of the wall surface itself, every while implementing this invention to assist us see with it. Go a “window” job-related here?

Yes. Windows, choose holes, allow you to see right through a wall. Once you look at the wall surface that has a home window on it, you deserve to see the ingredient on the other side of the wall, unencumbered. Windows additionally have the added benefits of protecting friend from the elements. Girlfriend are likewise protected, to part degree, indigenous unauthorized access. In enhancement your window, if draft properly might even resist a moderate quantity of attack.

It sounds favor the home window meets every the criteria posed by Riddle Robot Eyezak and the Riddle App. You can see with the wall, the wall’s function is in tact, and you are not cheating the rules of the riddle. Hopefully, this is the clear answer. If friend still have questions though, feel free to ask in the comments.



Even though our Riddle app does no really require you to know any background around windows, you could find it neat to discover something brand-new about them. This invention has been roughly for quite some time now, and Eyezak, the Riddle Robot, from ours Riddle app is counting on you learning that.


Windows have actually been around a long time, choose the 13th century BC! Apparently about that time, the development did actually start as just, well, just holes in the wall. Soon they upgraded come being spanned with some pet hides and such v mechanisms come hole back those covers. Then shutters came. Then, after that, we lastly started seeing glass-like product used in window creation.

Around the time, even file was a thing supplied to covering windows, yet there were part even an ext inventive methods of developing a irradiate delivering source through a wall, offered by assorted cultures. For instance, some people used translucent animal horns, or thin piece of marble, or even brown glass jars the were flattened into pane prefer shapes. The was no until almost 1000 years later that we witnessed the first actual glass, transparent windows we know today.


This invention has many, plenty of different types, every serving a range or purposes, and originating in various parts that the world. You can see a Cross home window that creates a Latin Cross. Over there is additionally Eyebrow Windows, which have a defined shape top top the top. Resolved Windows execute not open and also are usually very decorative. You can find these varieties in church over other buildings.

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You additionally have Single, Double, or Horizontal Sash Windows, where the peak or bottom or both components of the window can move, creating a complete opening. Fold Up Windows space interesting, and also look comparable to sash windows however instead the pieces fold together, inward, and pin in ~ the peak of the home window frame. There space so many types of windows, it would be difficult to perform them all right here with a description. Friend can uncover a pretty finish list in the “Windows” connect above.

Hopefully this quick preview has actually triggered girlfriend to desire to learn around this invention on your own. Ours Riddle app does not need you to understand this stuff, and Riddle Robot Eyezak does not either. It is ours hope that our Riddle application will encourage you to discover stuff the end on her own and also explore the vast amount of expertise there is out there to be had!

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