"Why space St. Louisans so fixated on where other people went come high school?" asks Morgan of Curious Louis. "St. Louis on the Air" answer the call.
Morgan Hagedorn asked a inquiry of Curious Louis that we’ve heard echoed at the very least 1000 time in 1000 different cases all end St. Louis.

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“Why room St. Louisans for this reason fixated on where other people went to high school?”

To be honest, this is probably not one of those inquiries we deserve to answer in one fell swoop. There space dozens that racial, socioeconomic, habitual, communal reasons why the concern “So, whereby did you walk to high school?” is recurring again and also again.

Yet, we thought we’d take a stab at beginning a conversation about why the question is asked. Therefore we called in the folks at Missouri background Museum’s teenagers Make history program. The group has put together a new gallery installation about whether the question divides or connects St. Louis and also the background of high institutions in the region. The is open at the museum with July, 17, 2016.

On Friday’s “St. Louis ~ above the Air,” Ellen Kuhn, the teen and adult interpretive programs coordinator in ~ the Missouri background Museum, said that that the high school students who created the exhibit “have a distinctive perspective ~ above high schools due to the fact that they space in it.”


Credit Kelly Moffitt | St. Louis public Radio
Ellen Kuhn, Missouri history Museum.
The exhibit delves into the background of race and integration in area high schools, extracurricular activities, to teach styles, among other things. Students to be surprised by how many similarities they found between their high institution experiences and those long ago.

Emma Mitchell, a an elderly at Nerinx hall High institution who was involved with the project, claimed that she frequently feels stereotyped when civilization ask her the question.

"My high school plays a lot into who ns am and also it shaped who I am, but the assumptions made once I say ns go come Nerinx aren"t accurate," Mitchell says, citing the people immediately think the she is Catholic and has a the majority of money in bespeak to to visit such an institution.

The exhibit likewise gives entrants a opportunity to reflect on how they feel when world ask them where they visited high school. Throughout the program, listeners commented on Facebook, tweeted and also emailed us about why castle think St. Louisans questioning this question and how it renders them feel.

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Many human being think that the roots of the question lie in class and also socioeconomic differences.