back Brian keeps track of the moment that has actually passed because the crash by do a mark each day on a stone near his sanctuary door, in truth he actions time in the wilderness by events, keeping a type of mental journal. One of the pivotal happenings during his lonely...

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although Brian keeps track of the time that has passed since the crash by make a note each work on a rock near his sanctuary door, in reality he actions time in the wilderness through events, keeping a kind of psychological journal. One of the pivotal happenings during his lonely sojourn is the “Day of an initial Meat.”

Fish are abundant in the lake, and also Brian is may be to catch as lot as he needs, but he craves “heavier...deeper food”; the craves meat. He knows the squirrels are abundant in the area, and he thinks he might be able to catch a rabbit v his spear or one arrow, but the creatures that intrigue him the many are the silly bird he has named “foolbirds.” this birds space seemingly everywhere, but their color and feathers administer such efficient camouflage the Brian finds it difficult to view them till they explode into trip at his feet. Regardless of this difficulty, he resolves to emphasis his very first hunting attempt on the foolbirds and to stick through it until he captures one.

Brian has actually gone halfway about the lake and scared increase at least twenty birds, however he is still unable to view them until they fly up and also away. Taking a break for a moment, he sit at the base of a tree and also tries to number out what he is act wrong. Perplexed, he gets up and also starts come walk again, however he has not taken also two steps before a bird paris up at his feet. It to be right alongside him if he to be thinking about the trouble of just how to view them!

Brian is chagrined, yet this time something about the foolbird records his eye. As he watches the fly, he notices the it has actually a distinctive shape, sort of like “a flying pear.” Brian experience an epiphany as he realizes that instead of in search of the bird’s color, he requirements to be searching for its outline; Brian must retrain his eye to look for shape.

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currently that that is conscious of what come look for, Brian begins to perceive points as he has actually never watched them before. Within moments, the sees three birds before they explode right into flight, and also he is dive to shot to carry one down through his arrows. This technique is unsuccessful, however, since his arrows, having actually no feathers, do little an ext than tumble indigenous the bow. Brian decides to use his spear instead. After many tries, records his “first meat.”

taking his prize earlier to the shelter, Brian discovers that he does no know how to prepare and also cook it. At residence it had actually been easy due to the fact that chickens bought from the store came “cleaned and neat, no feather or insides.” Looking in ~ the limp, feathered human body in his hands, Brian at an initial does not recognize where come start, however hunger cd driver him to number it out.

After lot experimentation, Brian learns the the easiest way to remove the feather from the bird is to just pull the skin off. As soon as he has actually done this, the bird’s insides autumn out the back end, create an odor that is at very first sickening but is additionally filled v an earthy richness. Brian then cut off the neck and also feet the the bird through his hatchet, pushes a pointed stick v the body, props it increase on a forked branch end the fire, and rotates it slowly. The takes a long time for the meat to chef all the method through, and also Brian, ravenous, must force himself to it is in patient. As soon as the bird is ultimately done, Brian tears a item from the breast, puts the in his mouth, and chews carefully. Never ever in his entire lifetime has he tasted “anything as fine as that first bite.”