Occasionally a section of the orthodontic appliance might break or otherwise cause some discomfort. If this occurs, the patient should contact our office for instructions. If necessary, the patient will be given an prompt appointment, yet we ask that the patience call before coming come the office in order the we deserve to prepare ours schedule accordingly. Over there is hardly ever an emergency in orthodontic therapy, yet if the patient is suffering far-ranging discomfort, Dr. Serino can be contacted through the answering business at (410) 819-5356 must you have actually a true after ~ hours" emergency.

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Regular dental Care

We ask that each patient maintain continued continuous dental examinations with their dentist throughout their treatment in our office. This enables each family dentist to keep abreast the his or she patient"s progress and also adds continuity to the therapy the household dentist will must render in the future.


If a spacer should loss out, this is no an emergency. Speak to the office the next service day, and we will make kinds to have actually if replaced. It is vital if a spacer walk come the end after the first few days of location to have it replaced. Typically, if the comes the end the night prior to your banding visit, that is not a concern. If a spacer is out an ext than 48 hours, climate it can reason a problem fitting the bands.

Orthodontic Wax

Most emergencies deserve to be regulated simply v orthodontic wax!

Tear a item of wax
Shape right into a "ball"

Place end the area top top the braces the is irritating. The wax will fall away if wet and it will not stick, so use a generosity amount the wax and also lock under the brace.

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Common Emergencies and Solutions

1. Poking wire

2. Brace rubbing

3. Spacer out

4. Bracket loose or off

5. Tape loose

6. Elastic shade tie off

7. Mild to moderate discomfort

8. Mouth ulcer

9. Expander Appliance out-of-mouth

10. Significant pain or significant swelling

11. Trauma

1. Use wax

2. Apply wax

3. View spacer section

4. Non-emergency/call office next service day

5. Non-emergency/call office next organization day

6. No require to contact office-can address at following appointment.

7. Advil or Tylenol as directed

8. Covering irritant through wax and also warm salt water rinses

9. Contact office within 24 hrs (Important)

10. Contact office or Dr. Serino directly

11. Contact office or Dr. Serino directly




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