The just "rule" around the consumption of any type of fish is that it has actually scales and fins. There space no other details rules about salmon or any type of other kind of fish. Due to the fact that salmon have actually these 2 characteristics, lock are considered "clean" and also can be eaten by Seventh-day Adventists (though a vegetarian diet is recommended).

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Many Seventh-day Adventists believe that salmon is a food the is regularly impacted by cross-contamination and other foodborne associated pathogens.

Whilst this myth has been proven untrue in current times, a large amount the Seventh-day Adventists space firm believers, in spite of this well-known chain the thought.

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Cross-contamination can occur in between any varieties of food, not just salmon, and this has been proved to it is in true and not only Seventh-day Adventists believe it.Yes, and also any fish that have actually scales.

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