Allison J. Porter, MD; Robert B. Yates, MD; Joshua M. Mourot, MD; Brant K. Oelschlager, MD



An unclear Pathophysiology

The pathophysiology the celiac artery compression syndrome is not completely understood. There might be one of two people a vascular or a neurogenic ingredient to this disease, or both. Historically, the vascular component has actually been explained as compression that the celiac artery through the typical arcuate ligament that results in reduced blood circulation through the celiac artery. Fan to comprehensive collateralization of the splanchnic vasculature, however, symptomatic chronic mesenteric ischemia frequently only creates after two of the 3 mesenteric ship are completely occluded or severely stenotic. In nearly all patients through this disease, the superior and inferior mesenteric arteries are widely patent.

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Nevertheless, over there is proof that gastric ischemia can occur in patients v isolated celiac artery compression.<5,6> Mensink and colleagues<7> support for performing gastric exercise tonometry as part of the review of patients v suspected celiac artery compression syndrome.

If mesenteric ischemia was the only cause of this syndrome, revascularization should an outcome in complete symptom resolution. However, celiac revascularization alone hardly ever results in clinical development in symptoms, which says a concomitant nonvascular device to this disease.

The 2nd underlying mechanism is assumed to be pathologic stimulation the the celiac ganglion and neural plexus by a low-lying median arcuate ligament. The celiac plexus has inhibitory motor fibers come the stomach and pain fibers. This neural structures room intimately pertained to the celiac artery in ~ its leave from the aorta, and also their compression has actually been implicated in chronic pain due to locally advanced pancreatic cancer.<8> Celiac ganglion block has likewise been displayed to enhance pain, through some authors arguing it be performed to identify patients that may benefit from further management.<9>

Until recently, management of celiac artery compression syndrome has actually been completed through open up surgical relax of the median arcuate ligament. This method restores typical vascular circulation through the celiac artery and also relieves compression of the associated neural structures. In some rare cases when mean arcuate ligament release fails to relax vascular stenosis, concomitant celiac artery revascularization might be necessary.

Recently, the usage of minimally invasive surgical and endovascular techniques has actually been reported.<2,10> regardless of these advances in operative technique, clinical development in symptoms is very variable and complicated to predict.

In this review, we intricate on the clinical diagnosis and also surgical monitoring of celiac artery compression syndrome, with emphasis on our operative technique of laparoscopic median arcuate ligament release.

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Authors and Disclosures


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