A prize is a representation of something else, often times a product object signifying other abstract. Laurie Halse Anderson’s young-adult novel Speak is packed with symbolism. Tree are one of the many prevalent signs in the novel, showing up in practically every thing of the book. Trees stand for life and also growth for the key protagonist in the story Melinda, and also are symbolic of she journey through her mental recovery after gift raped. The author’s reoccurring usage of the tree allows the reader to recognize Melinda in a different way, past the narrator’s literal meaning words. Anderson’s usage of the tree aids the leader in see Melinda’s suffering and also recovery. Towards the beginning of the novel as Melinda is assigned a tree for her yearlong art project, she begins to produce trees that parallel her emotionally state. At very first she battles to carry her tree come life, the trees she constructs room bare, lifeless, and lacking detail. Her inability to attract life and also details and also express the intricacy of a tree, is comparable to her incompetence to live and also share details come others. Ever due to the fact that Melinda’s rape, she struggles with opening approximately the other human being in her life. Several facets of she first couple of art tasks represent she pain and depression. After being picked on through a couple of girls in ~ a pep rally, Melinda’s tree reflect she misery. “For a heavy week, ever since the pep rally, i’ve been paint watercolors of tree that have been struggle by lightning. I try to repaint them therefore they are practically dead, but not totally.” (Anderson 30). Without her sharing her feelings about how poorly she to be treated, the readers recognize her emotions by her artwork and the use of the tree. The fact that they have actually been hurt however still continue hanging top top is symbolic of Melinda’s experience and also how beat she feels. In the direction of the middle of the novel, arborists reduced away a dead branch indigenous a tree in order to conserve the rest of it. This symbolizes what Melinda deals with in letting her pain overtake every portion of her life. She realizes her life requirements pruning just as lot as the tree in her garden does. It is obvious Melinda views the tree being pruned in comparison come her past that rips she apart mentally. While she was being raped she couldn’t move or escape i m sorry parallels the tree’s situation. “He’s death the tree. He’ll just leave a stump. The tree is dying. Yes nothing to do or say. The chain observed murderer swings down v a grin. That doesn’t even care.” (Anderson 187) through the author’s metaphors the readers have the right to interpret the think of the key character there is no it being directly stated.In the finish as Melinda ultimately opens up about what had happened to her, she abandons what was eating her from the inside.Melinda recognizes her inability to readjust the past, realizes she’s okay, and also learns to relocate forward and think an ext positively. Melinda’s art task is less depressing and dark together a enjoy to her pain, and an ext bright and also cheerful; an indication of her optimism. This is proven together Melinda says “My tree is absolutely breathing; tiny shallow breaths favor it shooting up with the floor this morning.” (Anderson 196)The art teacher Mr. Freeman enables Melinda to express herself and reveal what is inside of her without forcing her to usage literal words. Authors frequently use signs as a representation of a certain object or an expression of one idea. Laurie Halse Anderson, the writer of Speak, incorporates countless instances that symbolism and parallelism in she novel come convey certain thoughts and also themes. In addition, her use of metaphors and her usage of the tree as a symbol allow the readers of she story to recognize the main character beyond what she literal traits and also emotions are. By recognizing the hefty symbolic affect the tree has actually on Melinda’s life experiences and situations, the reader can understand what the author attempts to imply throughout the story. Melinda’s reoccurring art job reflects the occasions in she life, and are in solid comparison to she feelings at the time.

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