In act 1, scene 2, what walk the sergeant especially report about Macbeth? What go this news reveal about Macbeth"s character?
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The sergeant specifically reports the Macbeth is a brave warrior.

For brave Macbeth--well that deserves that name--

The text likewise specifically suggests that Macbeth gave the killing punch to Macdonwald. The wasn"t just a straightforward stab of the knife either.

Till he unseam"d the from the nave to...

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The sergeant especially reports the Macbeth is a brave warrior.

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For brave Macbeth--well he deserves the name--

The text likewise specifically indicates that Macbeth gave the killing punch to Macdonwald. The wasn"t simply a basic stab that the knife either.

Till the unseam"d him from the nave to the chaps,And fix"d his head upon our battlements.

That means Macbeth sliced open up Macdonwald from his belly to his face. Then Macbeth reduced his head off and also put it on a stake for every one of the military to see. That"s brutal.

The battle was not won at that point, since a fresh attack by the foe began. It appeared as if Macbeth"s military would falter, however the sergeant says that Macbeth and also Banquo redoubled their efforts from part unknown swimming pool of energy reserves.

If ns say sooth, I have to report lock wereAs cannons overcharged with twin cracks, therefore theyDoubly redoubled strokes top top the foe:

The details given around Macbeth in this action helps create that Macbeth is a brave, courageous, and solid man. It likewise tells the reader/audience that Macbeth is acquainted with killing and also bloodshed. Later on in the play, as soon as Macbeth starts killing anybody through a claim to the throne, the audience is able come relate it to the killing propensity the Macbeth verified in battle.