Pend, stemming from the Latin verb pendere, meaning “hang,” is used exclusively in legal terminology, together a verb definition “be awaiting,” however it shows up as the root of countless other words referring to hanging or weight, which are provided and characterized in this post.

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Something the is pending is wait to it is in resolved. A pendant is a fixture or ornament that hangs; the word can likewise refer come a certain type of rope used in sailing, is a brothers English variant of pennant (a small, tapering flag), and may likewise refer come something complementary or supplementary, such together a companion volume to a book. A compendium (“weigh together”), meanwhile, is a collection; it is commonly used in a literary sense.

To append (“weigh out”) is to connect something, and also something attached come something else, such together a limb, is regularly referred to together an appendage. Supplemental contents attached to the end of a book is dubbed an appendix, and also a vestigial organ of the body is so named since it hangs from the large intestine. (Its full name is vermiform appendix; the very first word method “wormlike”).

To depend (“hang from”) on someone or something is to rely on him, her, or it; the adjectival type is dependable, dependent is both one adjective and a noun, and also dependence is the noun form. (Antonyms referring to freedom from reliance are independent and independence, when codependent, codependence, and codependency to express to regulate or manipulation the one human being by another.)

To prepend (“weigh before”) is to consider. To expend (“weigh out”) is to pay; the adjectival type is expendable (though it can likewise be used as noun). Something impending (“hanging over”) is around to occur; the straightforward verb kind is rare. A stipend (“weigh payment”) is money provided as pay for temporary work, typically a modest lot not indistinguishable to a salary.

To suspend (“hang up”) is to hang something or cause someone come wait because that something; the emotion that outcomes is suspense, and also the action is referred to as suspension.

A pendulum is a weight the swings to and fro to control movement; the may additionally refer figuratively to motion from one place to the opposite. Something that swings heavily deserve to be defined as pendulous. Perpendicular (“hanging thoroughly”) way “projecting at ideal angles”); that is occasionally employed as a synonym because that precipitous and also may refers to individuals of distinctive types. (Perpendiculum is the Latin term because that a plumb line, a weight cord the in conjunction v gravity is provided to ensure the an upright structural aspect is straight.) Pendentive is an architectural term because that a structural aspect that helps support a dome.

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8 Responses come “Words derived from “Pend””

Lynnon December 17, 2016 12:40 pm

I’m surprised to watch the appendix labeling a “vestigial” organ in this day and age. Throughout the Scopes trial, attempting to safeguard evolution, it was claimed there were “no less than 180 vestigial structures in the person body, adequate to make of a man a veritable go museum the antiquities.” this day the list has actually shrunk to basically zero together man’s ignorance has been replaced with knowledge.

Medical study has displayed that the appendix has actually a vital role in the immune system and serves together a “nature reserve” for bacteria. According to “Your Appendix might Save your Life” (Scientific American), when the valuable bacteria in our gut are depleted, the appendix allows them to it is in restored. Without her appendix, girlfriend may confront an increased risk that recurrence and even fatality when faced with a pathogen. So keep all your God-given organs!

Mark Nicholon December 17, 2016 8:39 pm

Lynn:As girlfriend may understand firsthand or deserve to appreciate, editors take it in an extraordinary quantity of information however can retain just so much in their brain’s database.