a combining form definition “double,” “in pairs,” provided in the development of compound words: diplococcus.

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dipl., diplacusis, diplegia, diplex, diplexer, diplo-, diplobacillus, diplobacteria, diplobiont, diploblastic, diplocardia

Diplo- is a combining form used like a prefix definition “double” or “in pairs.” This type is frequently used in clinical terms, especially in zoology and botany.

Diplo- comes from Greek diplóos, an interpretation “twofold” or “double-folded.” Distantly related is Latin duplex, which additionally literally way “twofold.”

What space variants of diplo-?

When merged with indigenous or word elements that start with a vowel, diplo- becomes dipl-, together in diploid.

One example of a hatchet that features diplo- girlfriend may have seen is diplodocus, “a huge herbivorous dinosaur that the genus Diplodocus, growing to a size of around 87 feet.” Diplodocus comes from the brand-new Latin Diplodocus, which uses the identical of the type diplo-.

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— Natural history Museum (
NHM_London) may 12, 2018

As we know, diplo- method “double,” when the -docus part of diplodocus way “beam, bar, shaft,” indigenous Greek dokós. Diplodocus literally converts to “double beams,” a reference to the double row of bones in the tail.

What room some native that usage the combining form diplo- or dipl-?

What space some other develops that diplo- may be commonly confused with?

Not every native that starts with the letter diplo- is necessarily utilizing the combining kind diplo- to typical “double.” Diploma and diplomatic are two together examples. Both of these words, as it happens, eventually come native the exact same root as diplo-, yet they aren’t utilizing diplo- as a combining form. Discover why diploma is a kind of record and why diplomatic way “tactful” at our entry because that each word.

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In suffix -oid method “resembling, like.” through this in mind, what walk diploid mean?

How to usage diplo- in a sentence

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before a collection dipl-

combining form

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from Greek, indigenous diploos, native di- 1 + -ploos -fold

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Having dual the basic number of chromosomes; diploid:diplont.


manticorenoun | SEE DEFINITION
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