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When studying root words, there space often plenty of variants to a primary root word. The main root native cept: “taken,” for instance, present in the native concept and inception, has actually variant order of cap, cip, and ceiv. Examples containing this variant spellings, every one of which mean “take” together well, room capable, recipient, and also receive.

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captake, seize
-aciousinclined to, abounding in

Anything capacious in nature is “abounding in” an are or “inclined to take or seize” things because it has actually the ability and room to carry out so.


ceivtake, seize, grasp mentally
-ablehandy, qualified of

If an idea is inconceivable to someone, that is “not capable of thoroughly grasping it mentally.”

Take the Variants that “Cept” into Consideration

When studying root words, there are regularly spelling variants for the same root. The major root indigenous cept: “taken,” for instance, present in the native concept and also inception, has actually variant spellings of cap, cip, and ceiv. Cap, cip, and ceiv all average “take” together well.

Let’s begin with the source word cap, which means “take.” If you are capable of act something, you are able come “take” it into hand. The capacity that a crate or other container is the volume that objects that can be “taken” right into it. If you come to be incapacitated, you have the right to no longer effectively “take” what life throws at you because you have end up being deprived of stamin in some way. And also when you capture something? You, of course, “take” it.

Cip is additionally a different of cept, and also also method “take.” A recipient of an award “takes” it back towards herself. One incipient job is “taken” in in ~ its an extremely beginning. Your principles are those moral standards that you always “take” very first into factor to consider when deciding between right and wrong. And a disciple? She “takes” in knowledge.

Our last variant that cept is ceiv. The letter “v” is interchangeable with the letter “p” across languages. Because that instance, the indigenous “concept” and also “conceive” simply switch the “p” and also the “v” consonants—they room really various forms of the exact same word. Some examples of English words with the morpheme ceiv encompass conceive (thoroughly “take” an idea), deceive (to “take” someone away from the reality by tricking her), perceive (to thoroughly “take” in one’s surroundings), and receive (to “take” earlier to oneself).

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An basic mnemonic come remember that cept, cap, cip and ceiv all median to “take” is the following: The recipients that exceptional caps “take” and receive castle joyfully.

Now that you understand that cept, cap, cip and ceiv all typical to “take,” girlfriend will never ever be “taken” unawares by words the encapsulate them!

concept: extensively ‘taken’ or seized in one’s brain inception: ‘taken’ in at the beginning capable: able come ‘take’ something and work effectively with it capacity: quantity that can be ‘taken’ in incapacitated: not able come ‘take’ in life’s arrows recipient: one who ‘takes’ something earlier towards herself incipient: ‘taken’ in in ~ the beginning principle: ethical standard ‘taken’ first disciple: one that ‘takes’ in knowledge conceive: thoroughly ‘take’ one idea deceive: ‘take’ someone far from the truth perceive: extensively ‘take’ in one’s surroundings receive: come ‘take’ ago to oneself
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