And why is it supplied for no ace umbrella people? walk it have anything to execute with the majestic allosaurus? Is the offensive? I’ve watched some allo human being complain about it, yet I additionally saw the exact same thing as soon as “cisgender” started being supplied as a thing, so ns don’t understand what to think. Have the right to someone please explain it to me?


Allo- is a greek prefix that means 'other' or 'different'. For this reason allosexual just way "sexually attractive to others", i.e., not asexual. Nothing offensive around it, simply a descriptor in the same means as cisgender. :)

Apparently the majestic allosaurus was named using this prefix because its vertebrae space 'different' from various other dinosaurs known at the time of that is discovery, many thanks wikipedia! :P

Cool. I wish we had actually a dinosaur that we could insurance claim as ours own.

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Edit: The diplodocus. Let’s be diplodocuses. Allosauruses existed at the very same time, and also we deserve to make jokes around eating leaves like we perform with cake. Also had the longest tail of any dinosaur, so to be pretty cool as well. Just like ace people!

The only civilization I view complain about "cis" are the ones that think castle should just be considered "normal" for this reason fuck what castle think imo

I think their complaint is an ext that they're having actually a label forced on them, i beg your pardon isn't fair once everyone need to be complimentary to identify with the brand that finest fits themselves, surely?

I’be seen human being disagree through the hatchet ‘cis’ out of pure ignorance before. Favor some civilization legitimately think that a only used as a slur (since, gift cis, they might not encounter it in an additional context).

There has actually been quite some dispute over if making use of "allosexual" is okay or no over ~ above Tumblr for years, together far ago as 2012 at least (maybe ~ above together well? Idk, I just hung roughly in the Tumblr ace and aro areas for years, discovered the one favor two main ago). Right here is a prolonged post which summarizes many of the arguments against it:

Somewhat accurate-ish an overview of the article above:

"Allosexual" is a clinical term and also that's not an excellent because history

There is a comparable word in French which already has the meaning of "queer"

It teams queer civilization in v their straight oppressors and is homophobic, transphobic and racist

It hypersexualizes non-asexuals

The alternative "zedsexual"/"zeesexual" was coined because of the first argument or comparable to just be "the other end of the alphabet" as a type of joke. Others imply simply calling castle "non-asexual", however there are likewise some arguments versus that as well. There are civilization who have refuted/counter pointed every arguments above as well, (especially number 3) and also this has actually been a conversation for some time (though i think it has calmed down/sort of worked out now). - counter points to dispute #3 especially

I have also seen human being say to discussion 2 something come the impact of "you can't do words in one language and also then go five shit, this currently exists in one more language v a various meaning, we'll have actually to change now! Languages execute not double check against all other languages in the world prior to making up new words and terms." i have likewise only seen world talking about French in this example, not any other language in the entire world, for this reason Idk why people complain around English thinking it's exceptional to all various other languages and then behave as if French is instead.

"Allosexual" to be coined, and also spread, more than likely much due to ace civilization feeling prefer it was weird calling others "non-asexual", therefore in a means alienating asexual people further native other humans and setting a weird focus on the reality that others "are NOT prefer us" or the other way around of "we room NOT like various other people". Component of why civilization use "allosexual" is likewise because it's better than talking about just "sexuals", because that honestly sound nasty and also a little bit offensive even to me. And just choose trans human being need to be able to talk around cis people in relation to themselves, so execute ace world need to be able to talk about non-ace people to it is in able to fully talk around and express our experiences life in a civilization where the majority of people are in fact not asexual.

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So we have actually "non-asexual", "zedsexual" and "allosexual". The by far most frequently used term because that non-ace is "allosexual" and also probably always will be as result of its spread and also popularity at this point.