Letter p attributesMeaning and also Specification
SymbolMouth, magnificent spark the light
Spiritual meaningPineal gland, Pituitary gland, Psychic, Pope, Prophet
Numerology value16/7
Stand forPhilosophy, People, Person, Psychology, Psychiatrist, Preacher, Priest
Spiritual an interpretation of letter P

Meaning of Letter P

Letter P synchronizes to Pé or Phé in the Hebrew alphabet meaning “mouth”. The strength of p is the strength of decided expressed in either creating or speaking. A king is always powerful in speech due to the fact that his words room laws and his judgments space final. In Kabbalistic institution of mysticism, they concerned speech as a spiritual strength which can be destructive or constructive relying on how one provides it.

Our bodies literally digest the thoughts that us think. Once we speak something to our body, it will react correspondingly to what us say. Thus, an adverse words lead to an adverse reactions while confident words result in optimistic reactions. The state of our well-being relies not only on the food that us eat but also on how and also what we think.

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The photo of Phé is do of a Kaf v a Yod inside it, representing the magnificent Spark within our physical body. Spiritually, letter ns symbolizes Pineal gland and Pituitary gland. In the Bible, once Jesus to visit the marital relationship at Cana, that is a symbolic story that the reunion in between the pineal and pituitary gland. Together, castle activate our spiritual faculty native the within, boosting us v the power of intuition and also lifting united state up come a state that “inner knowing”.

P looks prefer the gonad the Osiris once it was standing straight

According come esoteric teachings that the Egyptians, letter ns spiritually symbolizes the phallus that Osiris. This is due to the fact that when we reverse letter P, the looks prefer the lowercase b, which also represents Osiris’s gonads. There are numerous words the resemble the masculine definitions of letter P, such as Papa, Pen, Peak, Piss, Pee, and also Pope. Ptah, who is the Egyptian god of architects, was recognized to be produced from words “Ptooey”, which is the sound of ejaculation.

Meaning the Letter p in her Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the an initial letter that your very first name starts with P, you are Philosophical, Psychic, and also Patient in personality. As the numerical value of p is 7, world with p in their names are most likely to be endowed v spiritual power as there are so many religious words starting with P: Prophet, Pope, Prophet, Preacher, Priest, etc.

P is an image of a human being with a large head. Therefore, you room intellectual and curious in nature. Friend love to explore the deep secret of the world. With your Patience and Perseverance, people with ns in their names setup to with Perfection in the job-related that they do. Friend are likewise quiet and deep in personality.

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Negative Traits

Negatively, P civilization can be unapproachable, overcritical, and inexpressive. You feel resentful as soon as someone watches end what you do since privacy is really important to you. Your negative traits can be express in character as being aloof, unfocused, and depressed. Moreover, if P world are not mindful of themselves spiritually, they can become an extremely moody and ill-natured.