The group (motif)

The large crowd appears and also reappears in the essay, looming over Orwell together he self-consciously faces the elephant and also prepares to shoot it. Together a motif, the crowd reflects the eye of Burmese society, carefully observing your colonizers, waiting for a wrong move. The crowd doesn"t reflect a physical threat, however, so much as the threat of delegitimization and also humiliation.

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The action of shoot the elephant (allegory)

The actual shoot of the elephant functions as one allegory for the British early american project in Burma. Orwell feels the it"s not correct to death such a huge and wild animal. This emotion represents the guilt of attempting come commandeer an entire society and society. On optimal of this, shoot the elephant does no kill the elephant; just as policing Burmese culture does not put them under the colonizer"s control. Orwell puts multiple bullets right into the elephant, but in the end he needs to leave come bleed to death. This scene reflects the nature of early american power of Burmese society: the British are incapable of eventually fulfilling the punitive finish of their project in Burma.

The policeman (symbol)

As a police officer, Orwell"s presence holds symbolic power within Burmese society. He defines this in clear terms in the essay: the Burmese human being at as soon as despise him, ridicule him and also expect that to carry out on instead of of the realm that he symbolizes. As soon as he goes come shoot the elephant, he does so as a police officer representing British early american authority. The world expect the to demonstrate this authority. If he fails, the British royal project will certainly be shown to fail. The policeman, in this way, upholds the picture of the authority that it represents.

The tortured body (symbol)

Early in the essay we see photo of a naked, scarred buttocks the a prisoner. This image has actually a symbolic role that resonates with the essay. The beaten meat of the Burmese prisoner represents the power structure at pat in the broader essay. The british police organize the whip; the Burmese people submit. Nonetheless, us see how precarious the dynamic is once we watch Orwell required to perform his authority because that the massive, unwieldy Burmese crowd.

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The elephant (symbol)

The rampaging elephant is easy to review as a price of Burmese society: unwieldy, untethered and also ultimately difficult to subdue. Orwell shows the Burmese human being as having a specific power over your colonizers the expresses chin in the type of ridicule. In the means that the elephant runs amok, and also is difficult to contain there is no violence, the Burmese defiance the British rule is a constant, making itself recognized by jeers and humiliation. In the way that "the white man" or British policemans in Burma need to rely top top force, and specifically top top torture, to have the top hand the the Burmese people, therefore Orwell need to fall ago on an unnatural use of force to demonstrate his strength over the elephant. As soon as we check out him shoot the elephant, we are seeing the very same demonstration of pressure the brothers imperialists usage over the Burmese people.

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