When you start hearing weird sounds coming from your engine, you have to investigate a tiny bit further. Especially if your examine engine irradiate is on too, yet that’s precisely what you have the right to expect to occur if you have a P0305 code.

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The great news is that you can usually fix the underlying problem without spending a ton of money and get your car earlier on the road in no time.

The P0305 code is component of a wire of codes the can appear when you have actually a misfire in among your engine cylinders. The last digit the the code tells you the cylinder, and also in this case, the the fifth cylinder.

To figure out i m sorry cylinder is the 5th cylinder in your particular engine, you’ll have to refer to your vehicle’s maintain manual.

There are multiple factors that one engine could be misfiring, and also there are various ways that it can be law it. To start with, the spark plug could be firing in ~ the not correct time. If the timing’s even slightly off, you will do it run right into problems.

The spark plug also might no be firing in ~ all, or there might not be sufficient fuel in the burning chamber to ignite. While over there are numerous different causes, the end an outcome is the same, the cylinder isn’t working the means that it should.

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Symptoms of password P0305


The an initial thing you have to do once you have a P0305 code is to inspect the spark plugs. Spark plugs room cheap enough that friend should consider replacing lock no issue what, just to it is in on the safe side. From there, you need to examine out the ignition wires and the distributor cap or rotor.

Newer vehicles don’t always have a distributor, and also if it is the case, friend can dominance that out. After that, you require to examine the timing. If you’ve simply replaced spark plugs and also wires, make certain that everything is heading to the best cylinder – the firing stimulate matters quite a bit!

If you’re still having problems after you’ve ruled out the ignition and also timing components, you deserve to move top top the less likely problems of defective sensors, fuel pressure, or underlying mechanical issues.

If friend don’t understand what you looking for, these problems can be tough to spot. The easiest to examine is the fuel pressure due to the fact that all you should do is cracked a heat while turning the engine end to watch if you have actually fuel comes out.

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Just make sure that you don’t introduce any air right into the system and also then disconnect the beginning system when you’re law this, or you might run into unexpected problems!

After that, the best way to inspect what’s walk on through the remainder of the sensors is through a substantial scan tool. If you have, one’s the great, but many residence mechanics don’t. You’ll likely need to take it your auto to a shop to figure out those going on and how to solve it.