Are you looking for the meanings of FIT? on the following image, you have the right to see significant definitions of FIT. If you want, friend can additionally download image record to print, or you can share it through your girlfriend via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, etc. To see all definitions of FIT, please scroll down. The full list of meanings is shown in the table below in alphabetical order.

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Major interpretations of to the right

The adhering to image gift the most typically used interpretations of FIT. You deserve to down the image document in PNG style for offline use or send the to your friends through email. If you space a webmaster that non-commercial website, you re welcome feel cost-free to publish the image of FIT definitions on your website.


All interpretations of fit

As discussed above, girlfriend will check out all definitions of fit in the adhering to table. Please understand that all meanings are provided in alphabet order. You deserve to click links on the best to see comprehensive information of every definition, including meanings in English and also your neighborhood language.

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FITFANS Interoperability Team
FITFace It with each other
FITFacilities development Team
FITFacility Instructor maintain
FITFacility because that Interoperability Testing
FITFaculty Instructional technology
FITFaculty of details Technology
FITFailure Detection & Identification
FITFailure In Test
FITFailure in Time
FITFailure unIT
FITFailure-Inducing Thread
FITFashion academy of technology
FITFault Isolation Technology
FITFault Isolation Test
FITFault Isolation Tree
FITFeature Integration approach
FITFecal Immunochemical test
FITFederal revenue Tax
FITFederal academy of an innovation
FITFederal examination Team
FITFederation Internationale des Traducteurs
FITFederazione Italiana Tennis
FITFemales in Trouble
FITField Implementation Testing
FITField Integration and Test
FITField examination Team
FITFile info Table
FITFinal Integration and Test
FITFinance and Information modern technology
FITFingerprint identification Technology
FITFinite Integration Theory
FITFire market Training
FITFirst point out of Trouble
FITFirst Is third
FITFitness improvement Training
FITFixed Itinerary Tours
FITFlanders Investment and Trade
FITFleet Implementation Team
FITFleet surroundings Team
FITFleet advent Team
FITFlex Interconnect modern technologies
FITFlight details Temporary
FITFlight instrument Trainer
FITFlorida institute of Technology
FITFlow Indicator Transmitter
FITFocal epidemic Theory
FITFocus Integration Team
FITForce Integration Training
FITForced Induction Technologies
FITForeign live independence Traveler
FITForest sectors Telecommunications
FITFormation Integrity check
FITFormation interval Test
FITForum on information Technology
FITForward occurrence Team
FITFoundation for Intercultural Exchange
FITFoundation for global Training
FITFoundation to improve Television
FITFracture intervention Trial
FITFrame Interline move
FITFramework for integrated Test
FITFraunhofer Institut hair Angewandte Informationstechnik
FITFree live independence Traveler
FITFree individual Traveler
FITFree international Trade
FITFrequency, Intensity, and also Time
FITFrequent independent Traveler
FITFrequent individual Traveller
FITFrequently in Trouble
FITFully Inclusive tour
FITFully independent Traveller
FITFully Integrated an innovation
FITFunctional Integration Test
FITFunctional interface Translator
FITFundamentals the Instructor training
FITFunds invest Trust
FITInstitute for used Information an innovation

What does FIT stand for in message

In sum, right is an acronym or abbreviation word that is characterized in an easy language. This web page illustrates just how FIT is used in messaging and chat forums, in addition to society networking software favor VK, Instagram, Whatsapp, and also Snapchat. From the table above, you deserve to view all interpretations of FIT: some room educational terms, the various other are medical terms, and also even computer terms. If you recognize of another meaning of FIT, please call us. We will incorporate it during next upgrade of our database. You re welcome be informed that some of our acronyms and also their definitions are produced by our visitors. Therefore, your ide of brand-new acronyms is very welcome! as a return, we have translated the acronym the FIT come Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, etc. You can additional scroll down and also click the language menu to find meanings of fit in various other 42 languages.