The Lion King personalities have part intriguing names, however each one tells us so much.

Timon and also Pumbaa go a sensational job of explaining Hakuna Matata come us; that’s not up for debate here. The Lion King presented audiences to some charming concepts back in 1994, and the abovementioned problem-free philosophy is one of the elements which has actually fed the film’s iconic standing over the years. 

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However, over there are several fans the end there who aren’t so knowledgeable once it comes to the characters who make up the lovely story. Disney’s classic computer animation was greatly influenced by wilhelm Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and also of course, this is clear once watching the rigid unravel. 

Yet, the surname didn’t interpret to this brand-new vision. The Lion King functions a selection of wonderful and lovely names, however actually, castle harbour extr meaning. Lock conjure up certain connotations, and also every single one has been assigned to say something around that certain character.


Simba in Swahili

Of course, the story’s protagonist and point-of-entry is Simba. We watch him as a child in the film’s opening, only to chronicle him through the darkest and also most triumphant moments of his life. The film talks about the one of life, and also indeed, we see Simba grow to become king. 

The personalities largely have actually Swahili names; a cherished Bantu language. According to animation Source, Simba method “Lion”, therefore this have the right to be taken as the most literal of the surname in The Lion King. It’s a an excellent name, and let’s it is in honest, it’s much better than simply calling him Lion. 

On the other hand, the rest of the names sell much much more insight right into the characters. 

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— The Lion King (

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Disney explores depths meanings

There is a variety of mysterious names talked throughout the film, but each constitutes a distinct, advised choice. For example, the same resource notes that Nala way “Gift”; who truly one-of-a-kind in Simba’s life, who provides him for this reason much. 

Then, there’s Mufasa, whose name equates to “King”; we couldn’t think the a more fitting name either.

It’s amazing that one of the best of the names isn’t Swahili and also actually has Greek Origins. According to MyLionKing, Timon’s name equates to “Respect”, and also considering he basically educates Simba around the world, the surname – prefer the rather – fits perfectly. Pumbaa contrastingly method “Slow-witted”, which appears a tiny unfair on reflection yet does characterise a the majority of his behaviour because that the bulk of the narrative. 

Rafiki method “Friend”, i m sorry wonderfully encapsulates his love and also connection to the household of pets which surround him. Favor a an excellent friend, he shows up to sell clarity and guidance come Simba, ultimately offering the wisdom he requirements to make the decision which conserves his loved ones. Now that’s a friend.