As a breed, the lightweight sportscar had actually been roughly for decades, however Mazda provided it a brand-new lease ~ above life in the beforehand ‘80s. Because that Mazda, there were ground rule for developing a lightweight sportscar: it had to have an open up body v a chop cockpit space, perfect weight distribution, a double-wishbone suspension, and also it had actually to fit the driver prefer a glove. This is the story that began with a chance comment native an automotive reporter of Mazda’s legend MX-5 Miata.

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In the late ‘70s, Bob Hall undertook a brand-new career as an automotive reporter at Motor Trend. Together a teenager, he’d invested a most time in Japan, providing him the opportunity to discover to speak Japanese. His understanding and also command the the language enabled him to likewise act together the Los Angeles correspondent because that Motor Fan, a Japanese auto magazine.

Hall had actually been surrounding by interesting automobile his totality life. His father to be a ‘car guy’ that the highest possible order, running European machines, consisting of MG, Triumph, Austin-Healey and Alfa Romeo – the purest develops of the irradiate and simple open-top sportscar. However the era Hall uncovered himself in as a young writer to be killing turn off these species of vehicles, v emissions and safety pertains to grabbing the headlines.

The Japanese were fast to reaction to these an altering times, fielding reliable and economical equipments that Americans invited with open up arms. Hall witnessed the transition firsthand and also came to excellent the way Mazda persisted with developing sporting models it is provided by the rotating engine. The couldn’t aid but think just how nice it would certainly be to have actually a vehicle that would blend Japanese an innovation and integrity with the fun experience that the brothers sportscars provided.


On April the 1979, Hall had the chance to visit Mazda’s headquarters in Hiroshima. He was able to tell Kenichi Yamamoto, climate head that Mazda’s Research and also Development, about his dream automobile, sketching a illustration on a chalkboard and including notes together he walk along, explaining how easy it would be to develop a convertible using materials from the then-current Familia (also recognized as the 323 or GLC), which had actually a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout.

Following the meeting, Hall had actually dinner through Yamamoto, yet there was no cite of the lightweight sportscar. The didn’t provide up, though, and suggested Yamamoto should shot driving a Triumph Spitfire one day. Eventually, the Japanese technician drove the Spitfire on the picturesque roads about Hakone. The rest, as they, is history…

Early Development: The OGG Project

The true bear of the MX-5 Miata project came about via the so-called OGG program. Mazda’s main vehicles in Japan in the pre-roadster days were the Familia (323), Capella (626), Luce (929), RX-7 and also Bongo minivan. These were classified as ‘On- Line’ machines, however it was quickly a that additional models were required to boost market share and also penetrate other industry areas.

Fresh, attractive assets with a distinctive character were a must, naturally, and the OGG job would be supplied to channel new ideas v to a prototype stage. OGG stood for ‘Off- heat Go-Go’, through the off-line component signifying an experimental element, while the latter part expresses the Japanese number 55. This number is far-ranging because any kind of projects elevated in this brand-new program had actually to have actually a minimum 55 percent possibility of success as a production version to be progressed. It was a sensible means of enabling creativity while maintaining things realistic.

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Beginning in November that 1983, Mazda’s R&D team attracted up, highlighting the need for a small 660cc model, a utility van, and also possibly a lightweight sportscar to slot in beneath the RX-7. Together a result, the Carol kei-car to be born, along with the highly-successful Mazda MPV, and also an open car that would take the human being by storm – the MX-5 Miata.