Toketemu has been multimedia storyteller because that the last four years. She expertise focuses primarily on psychological wellness and women’s health topics." data-inline-tooltip="true">Toketemu Ohwovoriole

Toketemu has actually been multimedia storyteller for the last 4 years. She expertise concentrates primarily on psychological wellness and also women’s health and wellness topics.

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What does Lauren Mean?

Lauren is a name of French origin frequently given to youngsters of any type of gender. No one deserve to quite settle on what the name Lauren means. It has been taken to typical “wisdom” or “laurel plant.” The name is acquired from the French surname Laurence, i m sorry is thought to likewise have been obtained from the roman surname Laurentius.

Interestingly, Laurentius is additionally derived native Laurentum an ancient Italian city that obtained its name from Laurus, which means “bay laurel.” Lauren is likewise a typical surname in some components of the world. One of the many famous civilization with the last surname Lauren is Ralph Lauren. 

Although the name is currently unisex, it was traditionally a male name. That is popularity as a female name is believed to it is in attributed come the American actress, Lauren Bacall. Lauren is additionally considered to it is in a feminine form of the traditionally masculine surname Lawrence. In French, Lauren method “crowned v laurel.” 

Origin: Lauren has been traced to Latin and also French origins. Gender: The name Lauren started as a traditionally woman name, yet has due to the fact that grown to become a famous unisex name. Pronunciation: law-ren 

Although numerous baby names are separated through gender, Verywell family believes the sex go not need to play a duty in your name selection process. It’s necessary to choose a name the you feeling suits your new baby the best.

How renowned is the name Lauren?

Lauren delighted in the many popularity in the 1980s and also 1990s. Indigenous the at an early stage 1980s till 2006, the name stayed on the optimal 25 perform of most popular names in the unified States. Return Lauren isn’t as popular as it used to be, it remains a relatively desirable name. 

Traditionally, Lauren began as a woman name, yet it is an ext often used as a girl’s surname in recent times. Follow to 2020 data indigenous the Social defense Administration, Lauren is the 232nd most renowned name because that girls in the unified States.

The name, however, isn’t even in the peak 1000 most popular names for boys. The name peaked in popularity in 1989 as soon as 21,198 babies were named Lauren that year. The surname has due to the fact that dipped in popularity, and in 2019 only 1,512 babies were named Lauren. 

name Variations

Many variations for the surname Lauren exist in other languages and cultures. Several of the most renowned include: 

LauraLaurenaLaurens (Dutch)Laurentia (Ancient Romanian)LaurieLauryn LarynLoren Lorens (Swedish) LorinLorrin

If you are thinking of choose a variation come the name it’s vital to remember the Lauren has numerous definitions in countless traditions. Make sure that the sports you choose doesn’t average something you wish it didn't.

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similar Names

Lauren is a standard name for her child. If you want to take into consideration other names prior to making a decision, below are several names that begin with the letter L.

AaronAntoinette ArthurBernadetteCharlesDanielleGabrielleHugoJeanJosephLawrence LouiseMarieMarcPaulSamuelThomasVictor

Famous civilization Named Lauren

If you are thinking the naming her baby Lauren, here are few famous human being who would likewise be share the name through your child. 

Lauren Ackerman, American physician, and also pathologist Lauren Barnes, American football player Lauren Bush, American model Lauren Child, English author, and also illustrator Lauren Cohan, American actress, and also model Lauren Crandall, American hockey player Lauren Davis, American professional tennis player Lauren Donner, American film producer Lauren Graham, American actress Lauren Harris, British absent singer Lauren Holiday, American experienced soccer player Lauren Jackson, Australian basketball player Lauren Kleppin, American long-distance runner Lauren London, American actress Lauren Nelson, beauty beauty queen, and holder that the miss out on America location in 2007 Lauren Quigley, british singer Lauren Scott, American LGBT activist Lauren Underwood, American politician Lauren Weisberger, American novelist and also writer of the bestseller “The adversary Wears Prada” Lauren Woodland, American actress 

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