The human being is a huge place and apart native human and animals, do you think there are other creatures that likewise living below with us? like Grim Reaper, the spirit collector. Creepy once we think around it.

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Some sources say that Grim reaper is just a myth and also some said that it’s true. So let’s have actually a read about who in reality is Grim Reaper and perhaps few of our curiosity could be answer.

Who is Grim Reaper? Origin and story

Grim reaper is what we gain if we put confront to the death. The Grim reaping machine is the lord of death. It’s in a skeleton figure, shrouded spectra and appears as soon as your time on earth has pertained to an end.

In part mythologies, a character known as the Grim Reaper causes the victim’s death by coming to collect that person’s soul. Grim reaper is typically a skeleton figure, that is often shrouded in a dark, hooded robe and also carrying a scythe come reap person souls.

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But how and when go this imagery concerned be associated with death? The show up of Grim reaping machine is thought to it is in the an outcome of the plaque. Pester is the transmittable fever brought about by Yersinia Pestis, a bacterium transmitted native rodents to humans by the bite of infected fleas.

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Plague was the reason of some of the most destructive epidemics in history. It to be the an illness behind the Black death of the 14th century. The original outbreak of the plague arisen during 1347–1351, and outbreaks climate recurred several various other times after that.

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This is once one-third the the Europe’s populace died. Substantial pandemic likewise arose in Asia in the so late 19th and also early 20th centuries, at some point spreading roughly the world and also causing millions come death. Say thanks to God because that the antibiotics the we have actually today, torment are no much longer a threatening or deadly disease.

What does the symbol of Grim Reaper and the cultural representation

Everything the we deserve to see in Grim Reaper, has their very own symbol and also meaning. The objects that carries, even the apparel he wears, tell us something about his nature and his intentions. Let’s look at several of the symbolism, item by item.

Skulls and skeletons.

As the torment swept through Europe and Asia, the wasn’t uncommon to check out stacks the rotting corpses. In the good Plaque that London, an episode that arisen between 1665 and also 1666, one in 5 residents died from the impact of the disease.

With death and dying such an integral component of daily life, it renders sense the artists and illustrators began to depict fatality as a corpse or a skeleton. The skeletal figure represents the decay of the earthly flesh, those left after worms and also maggots have done your work. It likewise reinforces one of the an excellent human fears, i m sorry is the are afraid of obliteration.

Black cloak

Black has long been connected with death and mourning. World wear black to funerals and also transport the dead in black hearses. But black is likewise often the shade of angry forces.

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The black color cloak additionally gives the reaping machine an waiting of secret and menace. The things we can’t view frighten us as much as the points we have the right to see, so the reaper hides in ~ the shadows of his cloak, play off our fear of the unknown.


In beforehand renderings, the reaping machine is shown holding arrows, darts, spears or crossbow. These space the tools he supplies to strike under his victim. End time, a scythe involved replace this other tools of death.

A scythe to be a tool provided to reap, or cut, serial or grass. Bringing this imagery to death was a natural extension of an agrarian society in i m sorry harvesting, excellent in the fall, represented the death of another year. Simply as we harvest ours crops, so does fatality harvest souls for your journey right into the afterlife.


The classic hourglass has actually two glass bulbs include sand the takes one hour to pour from the top to the lower bulb. It’s together a strong symbol for time. The Grim reaping machine clutches an hourglass, too, letting us recognize that ours days are numbered.

When the sand runs out, our time is up. We can only hope the we deserve to escape from death or grim reaper.In most depictions, fatality is shown as the reaper himself, black cloak frame a grinning skull and also scythe hosted ready for the grisly occupational ahead.

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Stories repertoire of world the ever encounter through Grim reaping machine (from various sources)

There room actually a surprising variety of people encountering cloaked entities that seem very much maintaining with the image of the literal meaning Grim Reaper. We have collected a few of them and also now let’s check them out.

Bizarre genuine Encounters v the Grim Reaper

Brent Swancer

August 15, 2019

Dale, whose mom passed far in February the 2013, however not before some very strange phenomena happen. His mother had been really sick in bed for around 10 years due to kidney and also heart problems. This has actually made things more an overwhelming for the family and the reality that their house itself appeared to it is in haunted. According to Dale, there to be shadowy apparitions spotted and instances that objects relocating on their own.

Dale said, once her mom simply lying still on the bed, she constantly see a person walk from the highway in a red glow till it acquired to she bedroom. ‘The thing’ would certainly come v the wall surface and technique her side of the bed. It had actually a lengthy black hat the came down to a point and glow red eyes.


On February 2, Dale’s mother went come the hospital with a high love rate and low blood pressure. Somehow she’s came ago two work later and was alright all that evening. Then about 3:47 in the morning, she hollered due to the fact that she observed that reality again. My brother and also I go in, but nothing was there.

Then Dale’s mother passed away the next day. Dale and also his brothers somehow have saw a biology in a black cloak few days prior to their mother passed away at a neighborhood cemetery if driving by it one night. The was huge and had actually tattered cloth on it, exactly the same figure with what Dale’s mother explain the one the she observed crossing the highway and ended increase in her room. It to be a Grim Reaper.

Enchanted rock State natural Area Encounters with the Grim Reaper.

BY zero FIRE


As a young child, Alex constantly had the gift of seeing deceased people and also things that were never ever human. Choose the movie ‘Sixth Sense’, buy it was never that bloody and often. At the age of 22, he supplied to job-related a many hours.

So sometimes, Alex will invest some time come sit in ~ the park before he go ago home. Together Alex said, “I love nature and also outdoors activities, but since of the busy schedule, the only thing the I have the right to do is simply sit at the park and enjoy the see of nature.”

Nature and all she beauty is what provided Alex tranquility so he decided to walk to Pedernales drops State Park, which to be his favourite ar to be in other than Canyon lake. One thing around Alex, the usually only go there throughout the hefty rain so the he have the right to have the park to himself alone.On the fateful job of 1989, he went to Enchanted Park and that day has actually literally readjusted his life.

Alex said, “it to be the many scary thing I have ever seen in my life. The looked prefer dark angle that was flying over me. Ns couldn’t view it’s face however it seemed like death, prefer there was a skeleton in the black robe it to be wearing. That looked at me for a couple of seconds and also then it flew away as rapid as the arrived and I never ever saw the again thankfully!”

He don’t know what that point was. “I’ve viewed non-human spirits prior to but nothing choose this. It almost reminded me of the Grim reaping machine or Hades. The only problem is that I always believe these points were just legends and never existed, yet now I’m no so sure.” in ~ the end of the conversation, Alex said that the vowed to never visited that park again.

Modern Appearance

What go it median when you see Grim Reaper?

In part beliefs, if friend still lively after seeing a Grim Reaper, that means you have actually been selected to come to be a reaping machine after her death. Follow to roger Henderson and Lottie, if you space seeing a true Reaper, it way you have gone into a Limbo an are and the is the type Death has actually chosen to use.

This either method that you have actually died, or you have actually a strong connection to magic for part reason, and this magic referred to as the Grim Magic. Grim Magic is thought has been exist since a very long time and also powerful.

Grim Magic gives a person control over details creatures, energies and also natural elements associated through death. Because that example, you have the right to summon a i cry of crows, creature that known as harbingers that death. The user likewise can control natural elements, like turn water into ice and also generate tornadoes.

The scariest part is, through Grim Magic, girlfriend have access through the Riper’s eye. This means, every little thing the reaper see, climate you’ll see. Friend will even have the ability to teleport over brief distances and also see souls.

The user of this magic, however, cannot control or induce Death itself. Friend also does not have actually the influence on living points unless the creature that has actually a link with death. Even though a many of world has told your stories about their encounter through Grim Reaper, perhaps we need to see what is beyond. Possibly there is a post that we missed come read.

But according to Jenny Brice, Grim reaping machine is much much better known as Toxic stress and anxiety that has been uncovered out together a quiet killer because that 120,000 Americans. This come the 5th place, adhered to by Diabetes and Alzheimer.

So perhaps this is the concealed message the Grim Reaper have tried to delivered to us. Probably our way of life that fill v negativity are one of the reason that we often tend to view something together a Grim Reaper.

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Therefore, possibly Grim reaping machine is all about how we create an environment about us. If we surrounded by a negative environment and feel sad at every times, we have tendency to watch a poor image and one of castle is Grim Reaper. So what we deserve to learn native this creature, we space responsible for our own positivity and try to check out the an excellent things in every challenges at we challenge in this modern-day day life.