Seeing Jesus v the eyes of her spirit guy is truly the many wonderful experience there is. This is what girlfriend were produced for: seeing Jesus and having intimate fellowship through Him. Recognize that Jesus is not far away from you, however He is as near as can be. This write-up teaches girlfriend to watch Jesus with your spirituality eyes and also behold His exorbitant beauty.


In this daily dedication you room invited to see Jesus with the eyes of her heart and also be amazed by His beauty. Seeing Jesus allows you to have deep fellowship through Him and also experience His presence more than ever.

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Don’t be afraid, this is not occult, brand-new age or spiritism, together some might fear. This is what the entire bible is about: discovering God love to heart, spirit to spirit, challenge to face, through an individual encounters through Him. You to be not produced to constantly see Jesus from a distance, through your mental only. You space a spirituality being, born native the spirit of God, to have deep fellowship with God. Seeing Jesus need to be regular for every believer who has an intimate relationship with God.

Keys to see Jesus


The very first key to seeing Jesus is discovering that Christ dwells among us.

The presence of Jesus Christ among us, is the significance of the new covenant. In the old commitment the existence of God lived in a rock temple, in the earthly Jerusalem. In the new covenant however God no longer dwells in a home made by men, however He dwells with us.

‘You room the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will dwell in them and also walk amongst them. I will certainly be your God, and also they shall it is in My people.” (2 Cor. 6:16)

Jesus promised that He and the Father would certainly make their abode through us, which method that castle live with us!

“If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and also My Father will love him, and also We will come to him and also make our abode v him.” (John 14:23)

Get rid that the old covenant perspective that speak you Jesus is somewhere much away and discover the wonderful reality of the brand-new covenant that He is below with you. His existence is among us, therefor we can encounter that in an impressive way.

The second key to seeing Jesus is utilizing your spiritual senses.

When you concerned faith in Jesus Christ and also truly surrender your heart and also life to Him, then you will receive the divine Spirit and end up being born again that God. Jesus said around this spirituality birth:

‘Most assuredly, i say come you, unless one is born again, the cannot watch the kingdom the God… the which is born the the flesh is flesh, and also that i m sorry is born the the heart is spirit.’ (John 3:3, 6)

The apostle John explained that just those that accept Jesus together the Messias, deserve to be born again of God and also become God’s beloved children:

‘But as many as received Him, come them He offered the best to end up being children the God, to those who believe in His name: who were born, no of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.’ (John 1:12)

Your spiritual male who is born the God additionally has senses, as with your herbal man. The an essential to seeing Jesus is to be mindful of your spiritual eyes, and learn to usage them come behold Jesus and the Father during your worship. This enables you to it is in far much more intimate with Jesus Christ and have valuable fellowship through Him.

Seeing Jesus transforms you


Seeing Jesus with the eyes of her spiritual man, during times that prayer and also worship, important transforms you. When you check out His beauty and also glory, you never want anything much less than that. That is therefore beautiful, therefore loving, therefore wonderful…. Read the adhering to prophetic word and learn from Jesus Himself exactly how you can see Him and also experience His exorbitant presence, every day.

Seeing Jesus in worship

My beloved,

Your heart was produced to know Me.

Not simply with your mind, native a distance.

I have actually purposed you to know Me indigenous the depths of your heart.

Then you will love Me through all your heart.

My child, ns invite you to come to Me today.

Not simply for a moment, from a distance.

Not in a hurry.

I invite you to give Me your totality heart.

Put every little thing else aside for a while.

Your struggles, your questions and your desires.

Lay the all under for a minute.

And open up your heart because that Me.

See Me.

I’m here. Alongside you. Through you.

Do you view Me, with the eyes of your heart?

I am no far, beloved.

I to be here, as close as deserve to be.

Do you see Me, my child?

Put everything aside because that a while.

I invite you.

There is enough fuss roughly you.

Work is always waiting because that you.

There is likewise enough struggle.

But don’t allow that stop you.

Come to Me, every who space weary and burdened, and I will offer you rest.

Come now.

How have the right to you watch Jesus?

You have the right to not view Me through your herbal eyes, but with the eyes of her heart.

The eye of her spirit.

These room the senses the your soul who is born that God.

Your earthly man is born of her mother, but your spiritual man is born that God.

Your spirituality man additionally has senses,

Learn to usage those senses.

See Me with the eye of your heart, says Jesus.

Look in ~ Me with full attention.

See Me.

I’m here.

Let whatever else fall away for a moment.

All concerns, struggles, questions and also your needs.

Let the desires and demands the your other man also rest for a while.

And see only Me.

Enjoy ME.

Enjoy mine beauty.

Enjoy my greatness.

I to be here, mine child.

Can you view Me?

Ask Me to open the eye of her heart.

It is sometimes difficult to check out Me, if you have actually never been aware of your spiritual senses.

Yet ns have produced you to prayer Me this way.

In Spirit and also truth.

Because i am Spirit.

I’m not much away from you.

If you discover to use the eye of her heart, girlfriend will see Me.

So surrender completely to Me.

This surrender is a key, my child.

Don’t think around it.

Your psychic doesn’t aid you to watch Me.

Your mind concerns everything.

That doesn’t aid you.

Be prefer a child.

As a basic child that trusts and believes.

Look at Me, as a child.

Prayer to seeing Jesus

If you find it difficult, ask Me simply:

“Lord, please open up the eye of my heart, let me see your beauty, I offer myself totally to You. Give thanks to you for being below with me. You room not far, but right below with me. Say thanks to you that I deserve to have communion with you. Ns surrender all ns am come you.”

Pray these straightforward words with your heart.

Then ns will guide you.

Dare to trust that i am here, claims Jesus.

Do no fear.

I to be your an excellent Shepherd, the keeper of your soul, your finest friend and your beloved.

Have no fear.

But surrender entirely to Me.

Spend time in My visibility every day.

Make it a priority to behold Me, v your heart.

Then girlfriend will begin to see My beauty.

By being favor a child.

By fully surrendering yourself to Me.

Come, my beloved.

Then we will be together.

And girlfriend will get to recognize Me.

From heart to heart.

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Do you want that?

– Jesus Christ

Scriptures about seeing Jesus

The prophet Isaiah is among the plenty of prophets in the scriptures who experienced Jesus Christ in His glory. This is what Isaiah wrote around his first vision that Jesus, as the lord Almighty:

‘I saw the Lord sit on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train that His robe fill the temple.’ (Isaiah 6:1)

The prophet David, that wrote the civilization famous Psalms, urges us to constantly seek the face of the Lord. David knew what intimacy v God is. He learned to watch Jesus as His best Friend as soon as he was all alone in the desert, deserted by his really own friends and also family. In this times of loneliness he arisen a deep relationship with the Lord. And he experienced exactly how precious it is, as he echoes the cry of the love of God to every one of us:

‘Look to the LORD and His strength; seek His confront continually.’ (Psalms 105:4)

Seeing Jesus in His glory and majesty became such a source of strength and also comfort to David the he created in Psalm 27 that seeing the mr was his utmost desire:

‘One point I ask from the LORD, this only do ns seek: that I might dwell in the residence of the mr all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty beauty of the LORD and also to look for him in his temple.’ (Psalm 27:4)

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