Potential Error Messages

The lay out conflicts. Take into consideration deleting part over defining dimensions or relations.

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Potential reasons for this Error Messages

Dimensions or relations are in dispute or are redundant. As soon as you insert dimensions, they are assumed to be driving dimensions. To have two dimensions driving the same geometry is invalid.

Over defined Dimension Example


Over defined relations display the over specifying sketch entities and also relation callouts in yellow.

Over identified dimensions screen in yellow.



Potential Solution:

Sketch repaired by deleting the redundant 90° dimension.

You can also delete the redundant upright or horizontal relationship to fix the sketch.

Potential Fixes

Begin by repairing the an initial feature v an error in the FeatureManager style tree, then job-related down through succeeding errors. Over identified dimensions and also relations are displayed in a different shade than the resolved map out entities.

Dimensions. There are two usual ways to solve over defining dimensions.

Delete the over specifying dimension in the graphic area.

Right-click the over defining dimension in the graphic area and also select Properties. Select Driven, then click OK.

When you add a measurement that over defines a sketch, the Make dimension Driven dialog box appears. To save the measurement that over specifies the sketch displayed, choose Make this dimension driven, climate click yes to make the dimension a driven measurement that does no over specify the sketch.

Relations. There space two typical ways to settle over defining relations.

Select the relation symbol in the graphic area and press Delete.

Select an over defining entity in the graphic area to display screen its relationships in the PropertyManager. Delete the over specifying relation in the PropertyManager.

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