An invitation to have actually dinner at a guy"s home is flattering, yet beware, ladies, you could be stepping into the lair the the Come over Guy.

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The Come Over man is simple to detect because, as quickly as you satisfy him, he asks friend on a date. Notification I didn"t speak "out ~ above a date."

He"ll disapprove your proposal to go to a restaurant or coffee shop. When you"re handling the Come end Guy, dating exterior of the home is not an option. Ever.

He does offer you two various other options: You deserve to go to his house, or he can pertained to your house. He prefers you involved his house, so the he can collection the tone.

For the COG, life room days are the ultimate. Why walk out when there"s a perfectly comfortable couch in former of a big TV with digital cable, TiVo and also a DVD player? You deserve to kick off your shoes, acquire comfy, sip wine--and the bed is in between 5 and 50 feet away.

Options space everything, right?

Now, if you"re a Come over Girl searching for a casual thing, an in-home invite is exactly what friend wanted. The sell is tempting due to the fact that quiet movie nights are reminiscent the comfortable, regimen evenings invested by created couples.

Don"t it is in fooled. The COG has a different type of coupling in mind.

Years ago, I had actually an encounter v a Come end Guy. We met and also talked top top the call a couple of times, and also one rainy Friday night, the COG invite me because that a low-key, friendly night of pizza and movie watching. I accepted. That sounded favor a fun, quiet date.

After providing his attend to and call number to mine friend, Lorrie--who is constantly concerned the I"ll it is in abducted--I donned mine rain gear and also visited mine COG.

When ns noticed the dimmed lighting, I thought I might be in trouble. He retained his distance while us watched the movie, however the minute it was over, he prospered four additional hands and also wanted to acquire much closer.

I left abruptly, narrowly escaping all those hands. As soon as I called the story to a masculine friend, he said, "Well why go you walk over there? What did you expect?"

I didn"t know exactly how to answer. Ns guess I expected a quite evening, no a wrestling match. My girlfriend smugly suggested that maybe seeing a movie in an really theater might be better for my next first date.

Of course, no all Come Over guys are predators. Some men expand genuinely innocent invitations. But, because that the sake of protection, I"m currently selective about which in-home invitations I accept in the early on stages of obtaining to recognize a man.

If it"s a get-together with many people, a party, daytime group sports invitation or a quick drop-by, no problem. I"m careful of late-night invites--particularly ~ alcohol is involved.

At that point, however, ns think the heat is blurred between the Come Over and also the loot Call, i beg your pardon is the subject of one entirely different column.

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