1 What Tests room Performed on The Wellhead and also Xmas-Tree?1.2 Wellhead and also Xmas-Tree test and also maintenance

What Tests are Performed ~ above The Wellhead and Xmas-Tree?

Advances in technology and measures in circulation assurance and wellbore management an outcome in prolonged field lifeline and also efficient use of sources in oil and gas production.

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To safeguard structure integrity, you need to adequately service and also maintain the wellhead and Christmas tree to check the an excellent integrity is fit because that its purpose.

Additionally, servicing and maintaining wellhead and also Xmas-Tree guarantee a reputable surface barrier versus hydrocarbon leakage throughout emergencies.

Continuous high-quality and also efficient production of oil and gas have the right to lead to complacency concerning the verity of wellhead and Xmas-Tree or a lack of regimen test and maintenance.

That is why that is important to carry out wellhead and also Xmas-Tree tests frequently and at various levels come ensure fine integrity and efficient production.

Lack the this is most likely to expose facets to mechanical failure and also production downtime.

Common mechanical failures in wellhead and also Xmas-Tree

The structure integrity the a wellhead and also Xmas-Tree counts on various exterior factors and conditions and also can lead to mechanical failures.

When conducting wellhead and Xmas-Tree tests, these are often the most usual failure mechanisms the you will find.

Failure in mechanically assemblies;Corrosion & Erosion;Seals & Gaskets failure;Missing Components;Formation Changes;Failures room due to changes to company Policies or Technology.

Wellhead and also Xmas-Tree test and maintenance

To ensure that wellhead and Xmas-Tree maintenance complies with a structured approach, you have to plan sufficiently prior to executing the test and also maintenance program.

As much this might not be possible all the time, every effort you placed in it helps to minimize the moment spend and also damage caused by ensuring wellhead integrity.

The an initial thing you must do is to conduct a field survey.

This stage offers you through an chance to accurately perform the wellhead and Xmas-Tree manufacturer, specifications, and operating features of the well.

Put down this info to kind the communication of the wellhead and also Xmas-Tree test, offering you full traceability of whatever you do.

The ar survey is essentially the first opportunity to identify the critical condition of the wellhead and Xmas-Tree.

After law this, the is necessary to attract a report of everything you have identified through intuitive inspection of assorted wellhead and also tree components.

Onsite wellhead and also Xmas-Tree tests

Onsite tests for wellhead and tree ingredient is carried out. This involves physical inspection because that faults.

This procedure is lugged out there is no removing any element indigenous the wellhead.

The wellhead and Xmas-Tree chemical building test complies with the wellhead and also Xmas-Tree physical building test.

Bleeding off pressure from the annulus or flushing a stuck valve have the right to be done at this stage.

If there is any kind of fault at this moment, replacements might be required.

However, the is sparse to uncover failure at this step of the test.

In most cases, manufacturer components and assemblies are not always seen with physical or chemical faults.

Another check that deserve to be done onsite is the wellhead pressure test.

This is done in 3 phases.

The very first one is the onshore wellhead press test, whereby wellhead and tree materials are tested for use integrity before and after installation.

Wellhead offshore push test is done for the very same reason.

In both instances, casing and liners room tested to verify if they have the right to withstand miscellaneous pressure conditions from within and also without.

The last little of push test is done utilizing slip and seal assembly.

When a slip and also seal assembly is used to hang off the casing, the share ring cavity is placed on push test at utmost 50% of the least collapse value as suggested in the table below:

Pressure testLeast please value
13.8/8 inches casing10001950 psi
9.5/8 customs casing25004750 psi
7 inch casing30007020 psi

It is advisable not to go beyond 3000 psi for the 7 inch slip and seal assembly.

Accordingly, the duration for every pressure test must be at many 15 minutes because that a stabilized pressure. All BOP nad surface tools are press tested come 5000 psi utilizing a plug-type tester.

Off-site wellhead and Xmas-Tree tests

Off-site wellhead and Xmas-Tree tests are done in production facilities.

The first test excellent is a dimensional investigate on wellhead and also tree materials to ensure lock API standards.

BOP and also well manage equipment is supplied to manage the high-risk component of oil and gas production, and also they stand for the most critical components of any type of wellbore.

Therefore, over there is a require for meticulous inspection and detailed report on this components and also integrated solution to ensure well integrity.

The dimension inspection should incorporate all threat assessment and surveillance tasks in the lifeline the the equipment.

The evaluation need to be based on API S53 benchmark, and it should incorporate regulatory compliance,

If the wellhead and tree components are qualified, they space passed to the subsequent process in the manufacturing cycle. Top top the other hand, if castle fail the dimensional test, they space replaced.

The press test and also seal check are brought out before the wellhead, and Xmas-Tree components are transported to the wellbore site.

However, these tests are additionally done in ~ the website with the prevailing well conditions.

It is vital to ensure that well tools is suitable for the pressure and temperature problems of the well and that can only be done at the site.

Once the vital test tasks are completed, plans for consistent maintenance inspections and ensuring the truth of the wellhead and also Xmas-Tree space made.

This task is excellent on a rotational basis.

The wellhead and also Xmas-Tree operator must comply through the acceptable operating limits for every wellhead and also Xmas-Tree variable.

The complying with are few of the variables:

Wellhead and also Xmas-Tree gate valves functional tests;Tubing hanger and casing hanger pressure tests;Tree valves push tests;Actuator closure times and duty testing;

The bottom line

Careful planning and structured execution of wellhead and Xmas-Tree maintenance and also tests are vital to ensuring fine integrity.

At Sanjack Petro, we manufacture and distribute wellhead and Xmas-Tree devices you can trust for efficient and high-quality oil and also gas production.

We have much more than 40 years of suffer in ensuring our products meet regulatory and also safety requirements.

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Accordingly, our commodities are tested before reaching the market to make sure that they carry out not result in wellbore failures.