Bearded dragon are very cute and interesting pets lizards. Castle are an extremely popular for your behaviors and actions that excite people and also make beardies entertaining. Mustache dragons usage these behaviors to communicate with every other, and also sometimes – through us! Let’s testimonial some the the amazing bearded dragon behaviors and also their meanings!

Bearded dragon eight waving

Bearded dragons can wave to various other bearded dragon from time come time. Rarely, they can wave in ~ you. Arm waving is an ext usual with babies and also females. If it might look cute, the genuine reason why they room doing the is come convey a one-of-a-kind message.

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Bearded dragons wave to various other bearded dragons to phone call them that they pose no threat and also that castle don’t desire to dominate. They normally wave to other larger and also dominant bearded dragons that can otherwise damaged them. Hatchling bearded dragons do it to present submission.

To tide its hand, mustache dragon will certainly raise its upper body and stand on earlier and one prior leg. Then, that will prolong its arm and move it in a circle.

Bearded dragon head bobbing or head-jerking

Head bobbing is an additional interesting thing that bearded dragons do. Head bobbing is often not a confident sign – moustache dragon is mirroring that he is a leader and ruler that the territory.

Bearded dragons start bobbing their heads as soon as a new male beginning their are – for instance if you add another male to a vivarium. This can also happen once a masculine bearded dragon desires to court a female.

If there are two males bobbing their heads if approaching each other, it method that among them is waiting for various other one to back down.

If 2 males bob their heads and also nobody backs down, that might turn into a struggle to recognize a ruler. Sometimes, one masculine doesn’t desire to struggle – it becomes submissive and also runs away.

Bearded dragons regularly climb higher, like a branch or platform so the everyone watching can see lock bobbing your heads.

When bobbing a head, bearded dragon does that from in an interesting method – relocating up and also down. It additionally looks favor a moustache dragon is doing pushups. Its beard likewise changes the color – become darker, approximately black.

Please note that there are two types of head bobs – one showing dominance and also other one submissive. Males often perform dominant head bobs, through rapidly relocating their heads and also shaking their bodies. Submissive head bob is slower, and is typically coupled with a wave.

Bearded dragon inflating the beard

When a mustache dragon is inflating its beard, it is not happy. The moustache is your most well known feature, and also for a one-of-a-kind reason. At any time a bearded dragon feels intimidated or in danger, it will puff up its moustache to protect itself. This is a herbal defense device that they usage to scare off predators or various other bearded dragons fighting for their territory.


While bearded dragons space harmless, they perform this to look larger and powerful in enemies’ eyes. Bearded dragon’s beard likewise darkens in color and becomes dark bluish to black.

It likewise looks prefer its beards has actually sharp spikes. Males are much more often viewed doing this, however females likewise have beards that deserve to inflate (even though they are smaller and also usually lighter in color).

When bearded dragons inflate their beards, they open their mouths and also sometimes also hiss! that is impressive. Never touch your dragon with a flared beard.

But perform bearded dragon inflate your beards only to scare turn off predators? There deserve to be a random moustache puffing, and it is common in both females and also males. Her bearded dragon can be inflating that is beard when shedding, and also puffing increase the beard helps to remove the old skin top top the beard.

Another factor why her bearded dragon deserve to inflate its beard randomly is to do a morning stretch. While stretching, their could puff out the beard a few times, come stretch the tendons in the jaw. What can be far better than a morning stretch for a hopeful day start?

Bearded dragon eye bulging

Eye bulging in a bearded dragon is another funny actions that you might notice. Bearded dragons have actually a very an excellent peripheral and colored vision, and also their eye are situated on the sides of their heads.

Nobody knows why precisely they execute it, yet the many popular belief is the they stretch your skin around the eyes. This can happen before, during and also after shedding. Don’t worry about your moustache dragon bulging that eyes because that a short time- the is normal.


But if that doesn’t walk within one hour or few, think about other reasons. Bearded dragons can acquire this bulgy eye look at if they construct swollen and also sore eyes due to the fact that of the sand substrate obtaining in your eyes.

If your bearded dragon appears to struggle with opening its eye for few hours, it might be piece of sand substrate in its eyes.

Flush the eyes v reptile eye drops like this to remove any foreign pieces. It could additionally be a bacterial infection, particularly if her bearded dragon has eye discharge – use the antibacterial drops to clean your eyes. If the doesn’t help, check out your vet.

Bearded dragon panting/open mouth

You might an alert your moustache dragon gaping or opening its mouth when breathing. There can be two factors why your bearded dragon is panting.

This might look strange, but don’t issue – her bearded dragon is panting due to the fact that of high temperatures as soon as basking. Once the temperatures obtain too high, mustache dragons start panting come cool us down. This can be a authorize of overheating – make certain he or she has a spot come cool down and that the temperatures space not too many high in the vivarium.Bearded dragon might likewise gape and also keep your mouths open up if they have actually a respiratory infection, mouth infection or lung damage. If your bearded dragon is panting not due to high temperatures and also does that often, it might be a time to visit your vet.Bearded dragon curling its tail

Most the the time, a bearded dragon’s tail is flat on the ground. However there can be times once you watch your mustache dragon curling that tail up in the wait while the is walking, or standing through a elevated upper body.

Tail curling in bearded dragon is a authorize that that is alert and watching that surroundings. The is an ext common in groups.

Your bearded dragon have the right to go on doing it for couple of hours a day. If the thinks that something is worth extra attention, it will rotate its head come the side and observe with one eye for a far better view.


Bearded dragon licking

Licking is a normal actions in bearded dragons. They do it once tasting and also grabbing the food through the tongue, which permits them to recognize which foodstuffs they space eating. But a mustache dragon might also use that tongue come lick something else – another lizard or the substrate.


Yes, lizards do occasionally lick each various other to present submission or acceptance. Because that example, two male bearded dragons might difficulty each other by bobbing your heads. When they method each other, they will bob your heads until someone backs down.

If a bearded dragon backs down, it might lick one alpha (ruler) male’s mustache or side of the head to present submission.

But that can also be the other method round – an alpha male can lick submissive dragon’s head and then carry out a head bob to urge it to give up. Therefore amusing, isn’t it?

A bearded dragon might additionally lick the substrate prior to bobbing the head to shot showing that power and readiness come fight.

You deserve to read a full short article on mustache dragon licking habits in this post.

Bearded dragon killing and also cannibalism

While bearded dragons room cute and also kind lizards, they might kill and also eat various other bearded dragon or various other lizards if there is a need.

Cannibalism happens as soon as bearded dragons room caged in a large group with minimal sources that food. It additionally happens when bigger bearded dragons room housed with smaller sized lizards.

The chances of cannibalism are even greater when a team of bearded dragon of different ages live together in a overcrowded, warm place with no food.


Bigger moustache dragons will eat smaller beardies and other lizards if they are hungry. Even small bearded dragon housed in groups fight for your lives and bite every other’s tail tips and toes off if they gain hungry.

Bearded dragon of exact same sizes don’t attempt eating every other. For this reason if you have housed babies or bearded dragons of different sizes, screen them carefully. Or not real estate them together at every is the ideal choice.

Bearded dragon are mainly solitary lizards, and also keeping them alone is the best practice.

Bearded dragons fighting for the ideal basking spot

If you have few bearded dragons living together, you can see castle battling because that the highest possible basking spot. Regularly an alpha masculine is the one that has dominated the greatest spot.


Bearded dragon thermoregulation, or basking

Thermoregulation is a an extremely important component of moustache dragons’ lives. As soon as basking, mustache dragons walk under the direct sunlight, or warm lamps. To speed up the body heating, castle flatten themselves on the floor or a branch.

For thermoregulation, they hide in cooler clues or relocate to a various side of their vivarium to cool down. That’s why that is vital to have a cool spot in the vivarium – the is hard for bearded dragon to cool themselves normally in a hot spot.


Bearded dragons laying on each other, or ‘stacking’

If you are keeping couple of bearded dragons of the same age or dimension in one vivarium, you can see castle laying on top of every other, stacked up. This is one adorable method they socialize, but it can likewise cause problems.

Sometimes bearded dragons lay ~ above each other if over there is no sufficient space, for instance under a basking desk lamp or fixture.

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Bearded dragons laying on height will get more basking light and can serious crush ones underneath. Shot to limit this activity by giving them with much more space.