Text abbreviations room shortened version of a word or phrase used. The abbreviations and also acronyms are used to conserve time, prevent typing and ensure a social media post stays within a certain character limit. Although countless seem as if they room misspelled, grammar incorrect or confusing, text massage abbreviation and texting acronyms are typically used and also are expected to expedite communications by shortening them so the the user doesn"t have to spell the end phrases, expressions or sentences. The usage of emoticons is additionally pervasive in online communications and also texting.

Abbreviation Meaning
?4U I have actually a concern for you
PEBCAK Problem exists in between chair and also keyboard
PITA Pain in the a**
PLS Please
PM Private message
POV Point of view
PPL People
PROLLY Probably
PRT Please Retweet (Twitter)
PTFO Pass the f*** out
PTL Praise the Lord
PTMM Please phone call me more
PWN Own (slang)
Q4U (I have actually a) question for you
QOTD Quote that the day
QQ Quick question
R Are
RBTL Read between the lines
RLY Really
ROFL Rolling top top the floor laughing
ROFLCOPTER Rolling top top the floor laughing and spinning around
ROFLMAO Rolling on the floor laughing mine a** off
RT Retweet (Twitter)
RTM Read the manual
RTFM Read the f****** manual
SH S*** happens
SH^ Shut up
SITD Sitting in the dark
SK8 Skate
SLAP Sounds choose a plan
SMH Shaking mine head
SNAFU Situation normal, all f***** up
SOB Son that a b****
SOL Sooner or later
SRSLY Seriously
SRY Sorry
STBY Sucks to it is in you
STFU Shut the f*** up
STR8 Straight
SUP What"s up?
SUX Sucks or "it sucks"
SYL See girlfriend later
SYS See you soon
TBD To be determined
TBH To it is in honest
TBT Throwback Thursday (Twitter/other social media sites)
TCB Take treatment of business
TFTF Thanks for the monitor (Twitter)
TGIF Thank God it"s Friday
THX Thanks
TIL Today i learned
TL Too long
TLC Tender love care
TL;DR Too long; didn"t read
TMB Tweet me earlier (Twitter)
TMI Too lot information
TMOT Trust me ~ above this
TWSS That"s what she said
TTYL Talk to you later
TTYS Talk come you soon
TYT Take your time
TYSO Thank friend so much
UFB Un-f******-believable
UFN Until more notice
UOK Are you OK?
VM Voicemail
VRY Very
WAH Working at home
WAYF Where space you from?
WBU What about you?
W/E Whatever
WH5 Who, what, when, where, why
WDYK What do you know?
WDYT What execute you think?
WRK Work
WTF What the f***?
WTG Way to go
WYSIWYG What you view if what you get
WYD What space you doing?
WYGAM When you get a minute
WYWH Wish you to be here
Y Why (?)
XOXO Hugs and kisses
YHBW You have actually been warned
YNK You never ever know