This collection of adverbs still has some literature use, despite whence is currently rare, having actually been changed in modern English through ‘where from’. Hence is the most complicated form, having meanings of place, time, and an outcome (the latter common in modern-day formal English), and likewise entering right into theoccasional link formation, such as hence-going <= departure> (Cym III.ii.64). Other constructions belonging to this collection (e.g.

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whenceforth) were used in Early modern-day English, yet are not discovered in Shakespeare.
henceAYL II.vii.3he is yet even currently gone hence(away) from here, native this place
henceCE III.i.122I’ll meet you at that ar some hour hencefrom now, native this suggest in time
henceLC 110controversy therefore a inquiry takesas a result, therefore
henceforthRJ III.v.241Thou and also my bosom henceforth shall it is in twainfrom this time forth; from currently on
henceforward2H6 IV.vii.16henceforward all points shall be in commonfrom currently on
thenceTem I.ii.394Thence i have followed it(away) from there, from that place
whence1H6 I.iv.99Whence cometh this alarum and also the noise?from which / what place, from where
whencesoeverR2 II.iii.22It is my son ... / sent out from my brother Worcester whencesoeverfrom whatever place, from what or other

Several of these develops were sometimes used v a redundancy preposition.

hence, fromR2 III.iii.6Richard not much from for this reason hath hid his head 
henceforth, from1H4 I.iii.5I will from henceforth fairly be myself 
thence, fromCE IV.iv.147Fetch our stuff from thence 
whence, fromCE III.i.37Let the walk indigenous whence the came 
whence, ofMM III.ii.206Of whence space you?