(graces plural & 3rd person present) (gracing present participle) (graced past it s too dirty & previous participle )

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1  n-uncount If someone moves v grace, they move in a smooth, controlled, and also attractive way. usu through supp He moved with the elegant of a trained boxer...  
2  n-uncount 
If who behaves through grace, they behave in a pleasant, polite, and dignified way, also when they are upset or gift treated unfairly. The new King appeared to be carrying out his duties v grace and also due decorum...  
3  n-plural 
The graces space the methods of behaving and also doing things which are taken into consideration polite and well-mannered. oft adj N She didn"t to the right in and also she had few social graces.  
4  n-uncount 
Grace is provided in expressions such as a day"s grace and a month"s elegant to say that you are enabled that quantity of extra time prior to you have actually to end up something. usu supp N She want a pair of days" grace to obtain the maisonette cleaned prior to she relocated in..., We have actually only a few hours" grace before the soldiers come.  
5  verb 
If friend say the something graces a ar or a person, you median that it provides them much more attractive. FORMAL He went to the beautiful old Welsh dresser the graced this homely room...  V n Her shoulders were graced with mink and also her fingers sparkled through diamonds.  be V-ed with/by n 
6  n-uncount 
In Christianity and some various other religions, elegant is the kindness the God reflects to people since he loves them. It was just by the elegant of God the no one died.  
7  n-var 
When someone says grace before or after ~ a meal, they speak a prayer in i beg your pardon they thank God for the food and ask Him to bless it. Leo, will certainly you speak grace?  
8  n-voc; n-proper 
You use expressions such together Your Grace and also His Grace once you are addressing or referring to a duke, duchess, or archbishop. det-poss N Your Grace, I have a good favour come ask the you.  
10 If someone falls from grace, castle suddenly stop being successful or popular. mainly WRITTEN ♦fall indigenous grace  phrase V inflects All went fine at first, and also I was in high favour; yet presently I dropped from grace...  
11 If someone has the good graceto execute something, they are polite enough or honest enough to carry out it. ♦have the grace to do sth/have the an excellent grace to execute sth 
 phrase V inflects, PHR to-inf  (approval) He did not even have the grace to apologise..., numerous of us do stupid things in our youth, yet we should have the great grace to recognize them.  
12 If you perform something uncomfortable with good grace or through a an excellent grace, you perform it cheerfully and also without complaining. If you execute something with bad grace or with a poor grace, you do it unwillingly and also without enthusiasm. ♦with great grace/with a good grace/with bad grace/with a negative grace  phrase PHR ~ v He accepted the decision with good grace, and also wished me the an extremely best the luck..., with appallingly negative grace i packed up and we drive north.  
coup de grace 
 A coup de elegant is an activity or occasion which ultimately destroys something, for example an institution, which has actually been gradually cultivation weaker. FORMAL  n-sing (=death blow) Irving Kristol delivered the coup de grace in a letter date June 12: they had determined to refuse the proposal.  
saving grace 
  (saving graces plural )A conserving grace is a an excellent quality or feature in a human being or point that avoids them indigenous being fully bad or worthless.  n-count with supp Ageing"s one conserving grace is you problem less about what people think.  

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