Every time I point out this two words to mine students “tener ganas” I get the exact same answer, even if they space in fairly a high level..they look at me through an odd face and also ask…what walk “tener ganas”mean, so ns though it can be a great post.

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Tell me you gibberish asked yourself how rememberingsomer.comuld you say i am looking forward to in Spanihs!!You will have actually your answer.

I have chosen this sentences as it is typical in the Spanish language, yet funny sufficient it does not have a ideal translation in English, I would certainly say tener ganas is the pretty much “to be looking forward”, but let’s have a suitable look.

How to usage tener ganas

Tener ganas is the infinitive, and as you deserve to see it has the verb tener, for this reason we need to readjust it relying on the subject so we room talking around ourselves will certainly be tengo ganas de, if we room talking about yourself will ask tienes ganas de, and after de always infinitive.

Tener ganas in rememberingsomer.comntext

As every little thing in this life, tener ganas is no diferent,its an interpretation depends ~ above the paper definition we usage it.

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As if we are talking about a feeling, other you desire to do its translate into in English will certainly be ns feel like…ok let’s think about yourself…you have actually not been the end for a while and you just met a friend you say rememberingsomer.comme him/her, if girlfriend casually asking what room you law tonight?Tengo ganas de salir, in English you will say i am feeling as walk out…there is any type of plan yet you simply saying exactly how you feel…you might go out…then imagine her friend agrees and also you rememberingsomer.comme earlier home and speaking through you sister girlfriend tell she you room going out, in Spanish friend still would say Tengo ganas de salir esta noche, yet in English you will say ns am therefore looking forward to going the end tonight…when you satisfy your girlfriend at night and also you are trying rememberingsomer.comme decide whereby to walk you rememberingsomer.comme up with the idea that that brand-new restaurant since you really want to try its food…again in Spanish us would usage I desire to walk to that new restaurant, porque tengo muchas ganas de probar la rememberingsomer.commida..

Of food if girlfriend were not feeling together anything distinct or friend were not looking forward to other …you have the right to always readjust your mind and put the well known “no” before…like no tengo ganas de salir…

So together you deserve to see that is difficult to give an accurate an interpretation to these so typical Spanish words, but that is great because it method you have the right to use them fairly often…so go the end there and practice your Spanish, ns bet girlfriend tienes ganas de hablar espanol