The idiom chock complete of something way that something is filled to its limit. In an idiom context, this phrase is used to illustrate that there is an abundance of something.

This phrase might or might not it is in hyphenated. The an interpretation of the phrase remains the very same either way.

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Origin that Chock full of Something

The exact etymology the this idiom is unclear, return there space a few theories about its origin. It might have obtained from the 15th century center English expression chokkeful, which equates to mean crammed full.

Alternatively, it may have come native the 13th-century Old French ax choquier, which means to crash.

Ways to usage Chock complete of Something

This idiom is supplied to suggest that miscellaneous is extremely full. Full have the right to take on a literal meaning or figurative connotation in this sense.

For example, if the trash have the right to in her office is overflowing through trash, a coworker can say come you, “Your trash can is chock full of garbage; why don’t you empty it?” This is an instance of something gift literally full.

In an ext figurative cases, this phrase refers to things which contain wealth of something.

For example, a nutritionist might say vegetables are chock complete of vitamins, minerals, and also antioxidants. This method there is an abundance of these substances in the vegetables; it does not mean that these substances are literally overflowing.

This idiom deserve to be used in any type of context in which there is an abundance of something. The abundance may or might not be of a physical item. Because that example, someone may be chock full of pains emotions after they obtain upsetting news.

Examples that Chock full of Something

The instance conversation in between two girlfriend illustrates the correct usage of this idiom as it is supplied in modern-day English.

Whitney: You yes, really shouldn’t eat that candy bar.

Jody: Why not?

Whitney: it’s chock complete of empty calories.

Here is one more example of someone describing his favorite book.

Steve: Why perform you like this publication so much?

Greg: that a fascinating read. The chock complete of information and data that makes you think.

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Steve: sound pretty interesting. Is the long?

Greg: Not as well long. The 250 pages.

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The English idiom chock full of something method that miscellaneous is extremely full. In modern-day English, this expression is offered to illustrate wealth of something.


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