If her GE range is mirroring an F7 error code, it method that there is an concern with the key panel. Often the issue is that the stove is detecting that buttons are stuck or being pressed down at the exact same time. In most cases, the issue can be resolved by cleaning the ribbon cable, instead of the crucial panel, or replacing the control panel. An problem with the oven’s clock may also be responsible, which, on many models, will need that the regulate board be replaced.

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For a temporary solution to the problem, the oven have the right to be reset one of two people by disconnecting the power to the oven for three minutes or by resetting the range through the crucial panel (check the oven’s manual for reset instructions). The cause of the worry needs to be diagnosed and fixed to stop the error code from reappearing.

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Check & Clean the Ribbon Cable

Occasionally, the F7 error password is caused by a loosened or dirty ribbon cable. The ribbon cable connect the key panel through the control board. To accessibility the ribbon cable, the panel covering the manage board at the ago of the oven requirements to be removed. When the dashboard is removed, the ribbon cable deserve to be disconnected and also cleaned with a pencil eraser or by purchase an electric cleaner.

The ribbon cable is typically disconnected from the manage board and crucial panel by release tabs that hold the ribbon cable in place. When removing the ribbon cable, be mindful not to damage the ribbon cable connectors. In part cases, just removing and also then reattaching the ribbon cable will fix the F7 issue.

To Check and Clean the Ribbon Cable:

Disconnect the oven from the power source.Remove the screws to the oven’s earlier panel that covers the control panel. Through the panel removed, you should see the regulate board and ribbon cable.Depress the tabs and also gently traction the ribbon cable the end from the regulate panel and crucial panel.Use a pencil eraser or apply an electrical cleaner to clean the ribbon. When using a pencil eraser, use medium pressure to the copper connectors at the end of the ribbon until the ribbon is cleaned. Remove indicators of oxidation, prefer blackness, native the copper connectors.Reattach the ribbon cable to the control board and vital panel. If making use of an electric cleaner, make sure it has actually dried before reconnecting the ribbon cable.Reattach the regulate panel access panel and test the cooktop to watch if the F7 worry has been resolved.

Control plank or an essential Panel?

If cleaning and reconnecting the ribbon belt has not solved the F7 issue, girlfriend will likely need to replace either the vital panel or control board. Girlfriend may be able to diagnose the part responsible because that the F7 error through visually inspecting the parts. If the control board has signs of burning or damaged wires, it will certainly most likely need to be replaced. If over there are indicators of moisture gaining into the crucial panel, broken seals, or that is noticeable that a key or two room stuck, the key panel will most likely need to it is in replaced.

Depending top top the model, if there room no visible indications of damages to either part, you may be able to determine which part is responsible through disconnecting the ribbon cable that connects the control board and key panel and also leaving it detached for 24 hours. During this time, the oven should be observed to check out if the F7 error code returns. If the returns, it shows that the control board is responsible for the issue.

To check the control board and crucial panel:

Disconnect the range from the strength source.Remove the screws securing the back panel the covers the manage panel. Through the panel removed, you have to see the regulate board and also ribbon cable.Detach the ribbon cable from the regulate board by depressing the tabs that host it in place.For safety, placed the back panel back on the range by rethreading the screws.Restore strength to the oven.Leave the oven for 24 hours, however watch to view if the F7 error code returns.If you watch the F7 error code, it shows that the manage board will have to be replaced. If over there is no F7 error code through the ribbon cable disconnected, it says that the key panel will have to be replaced.

Replacing the manage board is generally a lot more expensive than replacing the an essential panel. Therefore, if you are unsure which component is responsible, seek experienced advice prior to removing and also replacing the part.

To remove and replace the crucial panel:

Note that accessibility to the an essential panel may depend top top the model of the GE oven that you have. Acquisition photos throughout the process, particularly of the wiring, may aid to for sure the cooktop is reassembled correctly.

Disconnect the stove from the power source.Remove the screws securing the ago panel the covers the regulate panel.Remove the ago panel native the oven so the you can access the control board.Depress the tabs that hold the ribbon cable in place, and detach the ribbon cable.Locate and also remove 2 screws on each side that the oven that secure the warm deflector. Remove the heat deflector native the oven.Remove the screws securing the manage board come the oven.Remove the screws the secure the spark module.Remove the screw holding the ground connection wire come the cooktop to relax the grounding wire.Remove the screws holding the console ~ above the oven frame.Remove the console and also remove the screws securing the vital panel to the console.Use a paint scraper and your fingers to peel off the vital panel.Attach the new vital panel to the vital panel console.Reassemble the oven.

To remove and also replace the regulate board:

Disconnect the range from the strength source.Remove the screws securing the back panel that covers the regulate panel and lift the dashboard off.Depress the tabs that organize the ribbon cable in place, and detach the ribbon cable.Remove the screws securing the control board to the oven.Take a photo showing exactly how the wires need to be linked to the control board.Use needle-nose pliers come disconnect the wires native the manage board.Install the brand-new control board.

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If you have to remove the original vital panel native the old regulate board console, a warmth gun can be used. The vital panel need to be carefully heated until it deserve to be gotten rid of without resulting in damage. The vital panel should then be refitted to the brand-new control board console.