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What walk Dylan Mean?

Dylan is a Welsh name traditionally offered to boys. It means “son the the sea” or “born from the ocean.” Dylan is obtained from the Welsh words “dy”, which means great, and “llanw”, which means flow. Dylan’s popularity as a first name is owed greatly to the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. His most famed work you can recognize is the poem "Do no Go Gentle right into That great Night." 

Dylan is also a typical surname. Bob Dylan, an American composer, and performer is among the most famous civilization with the lock Dylan. Interestingly, his lock was initially Zimmerman. (Contrary to renowned belief, he did not adjust it come Dylan since he was influenced by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.) Dylan is additionally a well-known name in Welsh mythology. He to be the legendary god that the sea that was accidentally killed by his uncle Govannon. Back Dylan is a traditionally woman name, it’s choose up part traction together a unisex name. 

Origin: Dylan is a surname of Welsh origin.Gender: back Dylan is a frequently masculine name, it can be provided to any kind of gender.Pronunciation: dul-an (Welsh) or dil-an (English)

Although plenty of baby names are separated by gender, Verywell family members believes the sex does not must play a duty in her name selection process. It’s vital to choose a name the you feeling suits your new baby the best.

How well-known is the name Dylan?

Dylan has consistently been just one of the most well-known names for boys in the joined States. In the 90s the debut of Dylan McKay, the main character in the teenager drama collection “Beverly Hills 90210,” added to that popularity.

Although Dylan was an currently popular name, it witnessed a sharp rise in popularity in 1992. That year, 15,979 male babies were called Dylan. The name competent a slight dip in 1995 prior to rising again in 1999. In 2001, 16,496 masculine babies were named Dylan. However, because the national birth rate declined in 2003 and also 2004, those are the years once the surname Dylan official peaked in popularity, ranking #19 regardless of fewer babies being offered that surname overall.

There has actually been a steady decrease in the popularity due to the fact that then, however it remains a an excellent pick for anyone searching for a woman Welsh surname or a solid name that begins with the letter D. Follow to 2020 data native the Social protection Administration, Dylan is the 43rd most famous name for guys in the joined States.

surname Variations

Dillan and Dillon space the most usual variations that the name Dylan. They are both the English origin. Various other name sport include: 

similar Names

If you space considering the surname Dylan for her baby, right here are some other names that Welsh origin you could likewise consider: 

typical Nicknames

Dylan is a short and sweet name that doesn’t necessarily need any nicknames. However, Dill or Dyl room two nicknames you could give her baby Dylan. 

suggested Sibling name

If you have multiple youngsters or space considering having other kids apart from her baby Dylan, here’s a list of sibling surname that will go well through Dylan: 

Famous people Named Dylan

If you are thinking of naming your baby Dylan, this is a perform of famous world who will certainly share the surname Dylan through your child. 

well known Men called Dylan

Dylan Baker, American actor Dylan Bruce, Canadian actor Dylan Cantrell, American football player Dylan Howe, English drummer, musician, and also composer Dylan Kwasniewski, American NASCAR driver Dylan McDermott, American actor Dylan Minnette, American actor, singer, and musician Dylan Moscovitch, Canadian pair skater Dylan O'Brien, American actorDylan Riley Snyder, American actor and singer Dylan Sprayberry, American actor Dylan Sprouse, American actor Dylan Wynn, football player who has played in both the NFL and CFL

famed Women named Dylan

Dylan Ceriani, American volleyball player Dylan Dreyer, American television meteorologist Dylan Gelula, American actress Dylan Lauren, daughter that fashion designer Ralph Lauren who’s likewise the owner the Dylan’s candy Bar Dylan Penn, American model, and actress who is additionally the daughter the American actor, Sean Penn 

Still looking for the perfect baby name? examine out these associated baby surname lists because that even an ext options:

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