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French preposition

The preposition de is normally summarized as "of, from, or about," however it has quite a couple of more meanings and also uses than that.

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  when de is adhered to by the definite short article le or les, the two words have to contract.

dedudesde lade l’

 However, de does no contract with the straight objects le and also les.

J’ai promis de le faire – ns promised to perform it.

1) origin or starting point

Il est du Midi.He’s from the southern of France.
Nous arrivons de Lille.We’re getting here from Lille.

2) referral point

Nous sommes à deux kilometres de la plage.We’re two kilometers indigenous the beach.
Il habite à 20 minute d’ici.He resides 20 minute from here.

3) Possession

la voiture de NicoleNicole’s car
la poste de BrestBrest’s short article office

4) Description, specifying feature

la soupe de tomatestomato soup
un bébé de 3 moisa three-month-old baby

5) Contents

un verre de vinglass the wine
un film de guerrewar film, film about war

6) reason or reason

rougir de honteto blush through shame
être mécontent de la décisionto it is in annoyed about the decision

7) means or manner

dessiner de la main gaucheto attract left-handed
regarder d’un air admiratifto look at admiringly

8) begin of a period of time / range

J’ai travaillé de 8h à midi.I operated from 8am to noon.
du lundi au samedifrom Monday to Saturday

9) Presentation of agent in the passive voice

Elle est très appréciée de ses étudiants.She is well chosen by she students.
Je serai accompagné de mon père.I’ll it is in accompanied by mine father.

10) after verbs

Many verbs should be adhered to by de in front of a noun or infinitive.

11) after ~ adjectives

Some adjectives need to be complied with by de in prior of a noun or infinitive.

12) after merci

Merci de votre assistance.

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Thank friend for her assistance.
Merci de vs merci pour

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