What does güey mean?

Güey, pronounce “whey,” is mexico slang for “dumbass” or “idiot,” although that is can likewise be used more as a slang term for “man” or “dude.”


The indigenous güey comes native the Spanish indigenous buey, i m sorry literally means “ox” or “steer.” As beforehand as the 1840s, buey came to describe a “cuckold.”

The slang insult güey, because that “idiot” or “stupid person” emerges from the “cuckold” feeling of buey. A male whose mam cheats ~ above him, girlfriend see, isn’t specifically held in high esteem.

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By the 1860s, buey had progressed into the form of güey in dialects of Spanish. The original buey is still periodically used rather instead of güey in slang Spanish.



Guëy spread in well-known slang in central America, an especially Mexico, end the 1900s. Language is ever before changing, particularly slang terms, and also so güey softened in tone to a much more casual term (of address) among male girlfriend or acquaintances, à la “man,” “dude,” or “bro” in English.

For example, you can ask a friend “Who’s that güey?” (“Who’s the guy?”). Or perhaps you could greet someone with “¿Qué onda, güey?” (“What’s up, man?”).

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