Your preparation for entering DU is not complete unless you’re acquainted with its an extremely own slang-infused, acronym-heavy format of talking.

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Oye, TP mat kar yahaan!’, ‘Did you see what granny X stated in course today? she so cray’. Nothing be too surprised if you obtain to hear this not-so-fine way of conversing when you step into college next week, because this is just how they speak in DU – every sentence is riddled v slang. While part Dilliwallahs are already familiar v this layout of conversation, here’s a guide for those fuchchas who are yet to gain used to few of these oft-used unit volume on campus.
Ghanta Meaning: “Yeah, right!” Usually offered when someone says something they will never ever follow through. Usage: girlfriend – “Bas yaar, FB (Facebook) se boring ho gaya hoon. Kal main apna account delete kar doonga.” an additional friend – Ghanta delete karega! Delete karne ke naam pe dus logon se chat karne lagega! BT Meaning: an abbreviation for negative Trip; usually used when one is having a hard time through something, and additionally as a warning to others to remain away native the human being as he/she is, well, having a BT. Usage: Don’t bug me man, I’m having actually a BT. Bazinga! Meaning: This hatchet has end up being popular because of Sheldon in the TV show, The huge Bang Theory. He uses it really often as a means of saying ‘Fooled you!’ after ~ a prank. Usage: Mayans – “The human being ends on December 21, 2012.” Mayans on December 21, 2012 – “Bazinga!” TP Meaning: OMG, LOL and also BRB, relocate aside. Delhiites now have actually something new – TP, i m sorry is a short type for timepass. Usage: One fuchcha to another, “Abbe, college mein PT duration mein toh hum TP karte thay!” Bro Meaning: In Hindi, bhai; typically used in location of ‘dude’. Offered irrespective the the other person’s gender. Usage: ‘Come on, bro, don’t be therefore fussy’ or, ‘No bro’ or, ‘Bro, listen…’ Cray Meaning: Crazy has actually now to be modified come cray. Maybe due to the fact that for some, it just sounds more cool? Usage: USAGE: ‘I deserve to never recognize what grandm so-and-so says. She’s so cray man!’ Kalti Meaning: This method to revolve around and run away. Used in a case where one knows the what lies front is just trouble of part sort. Usage: ‘This will gain us right into trouble, yaar. Chal kalti maar lete hain ab’. Paka mat Meaning: asking someone no to irritate or bore you. It isn’t surprising if this expression is additionally used once someone is crying or putting his/her love out, and also they room snubbed this way. Usage: ‘Yaar, tu paka mat please!’ Chape mat ho Meaning: It way being a tad too clingy v someone. So, the following time you’re being extra friendly through someone approximately campus, you can just hear ‘chape mat ho’. Usage: “Yaar, tu magnet jaise chape mat hua kar.’ Scene Meaning: This merely refers come a instance or arrangement of action. Usage: ‘Bada galat scene ho gaya yaar’, ‘Aaj ka scene collection hai boss’. Feel aa gayi Meaning: when you feeling extremely an excellent about act something, just say ‘feel aa gayi’, and also the human being in former of friend will know easily.
Meaning: living in Delhi, if friend haven’t heard this native at least 20 time a day, then you need to be living under a rock. Jugaad is what you execute to have things your way, by hook or by crook.

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Usage: ‘Yaar, lecture notes ka koi jugaad laga de na’ or ‘daaru ka jugaad kar liya hai’.
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