You have probably noticed that precious metal items have actually stamps or marks on them. Marking jewelry, coins, and even kitchen items have been a tradition from ancient times. Therefore, valuable metal item have regularly been objects of forgery and fraud.

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That is why the jewelers and coins makers chose to perform stamping as a unique means of marking their products and also protecting them native the fraudster. You can determine what walk 925 on the ring method and how much is it worth by check its stamp and weight. Let’s take it a look in ~ a couple of facts and also tricks to research this topic closer.

Markings and Stamping


Usually, the stamp on the ring is put on its within side. It deserve to be nice small, because of this prepare a magnifying glass to check out it precisely. Sometimes, the stamp can be a letter, several letters, numbers, or also the combination of letters and also numbers.

You deserve to be confused since sometimes various markings ~ above the ring median the very same thing, and also it have the right to trick the inexperienced observer. So, you have to take a great look at markings that deserve to be found and read about marking 925 and also all its versions.

Basically, 925 is a hallmark for silver- of high quality. Let’s check out why that specific number. A silver- item v 1,000 units of this metal is made of pure silver. However, pure silver, or so-called good silver, is very soft and also impractical to occupational with.

Moreover, just a couple of items or details ~ above the items can be pure silver, together as part ornaments and decorations ~ above earrings or some pendants. All various other parts are made that silver blended with a particular percentage that alloys.

925 Hallmarks

Mark 925 is the most typical when we talk around silver jewelry and coins. Together jewelry includes 92.5% that silver and also only 7,5% of other alloys. Its qualities are superior as it is a certain and strong metal that have the right to withstand scratching and also mechanical impacts. Jewelers reap making rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry out of it.

The same percentage of silver have the right to have different markings, but 925 one is the many common. The is since the stamping has readjusted a lot over the centuries. However, the reason is not simply a historical duration but additionally a geographical background. Let’s see.

Stamping throughout the History

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Besides 925, you can likewise find the hallmarks 800, 958, and 999 connected to silver. Occasionally you deserve to even uncover a rubber stamp saying Italy or also a lion frostbite hallmark. Together you can conclude, 999 is fine silver, when 800 has just 80% that this precious metal.

Ancient Egypt

If you come along to old Egyptian silver, you must remember the it includes only 60% silver. It way that you have the right to be tricked the the ring is worth a lot. On the contrary, it has just 600 out of 1,000 devices of silver, so the is not that pure and also is virtually worthless.


Earlier, every craft shop in Europe trading v silver marked it differently. Each piece of jewelry had its own stamp through details choose the date of jewelry production or the shop name.


The Italy sign or a lion hallmark represents the 925-quality silver- that comes from this european country. If her silver ring has actually one of this marks, you can be certain that you have a perfectly fine item of jewelry.


Some silver beginnings can present that silver is not that good in quality and impure. Other than for Egyptian, German silver- can additionally have one 800 hallmark. It way not such a great quality of silver.

The US

In the US, all silver items had hallmarks Sterling or Sterling silver till the 1860s. However, that adjusted over time. Nearly all rings and other jewels acquired the marking 925 in a period from the 1960s to 1970s. Together markings constantly confirm the you have actually a 92.5% silver item of jewelry.

Valid stamping

To be sure you have the valuable silver ring, you must purchase the one v the adhering to marks, including 925, Sterling, Sterling silver, STG, SS, STER, the Italy sign, and also a lion hallmark.

In case you come upon some various other hallmark on part old jewelry, friend can constantly test it with a local jeweler to inspect its value.

Gold Ring through 925 Hallmarks

Sometimes, you will come upon a gold ring v a 925 hallmark. Don’t worry! nobody tries to fool you due to the fact that it is probably the continual silver ring, even though it looks favor it is made of gold.

Sometimes the silver- rings space gold plated, and also they indeed have actually gold on the outside layer. Therefore, when the hallmark claims 925, it way beneath the thin gold layer is silver.

In situations like these, girlfriend shouldn’t pay more than the actual worth of the silver- ring. Unfortunately, the slim layer of gold won’t boost its value too much.

Markings top top the Gold-Plated silver- Rings

Keep in mind that the markings on the gold-plated silver- ring deserve to be a bit different. Other than for 925 hallmarks, friend can discover letters such together GP (golden plated) and GEP (golden electroplated). These stamps only present various actions of coating the silver item through gold.

Hallmarks for silver- rings

Hallmarks for gold plated silver rings



Sterling silver

Other markings






Various letters and numbers

As you can see, the markings for silver rings and silver rings plated v gold are entirely different. So, girlfriend won’t mix them increase the following time you want to to buy a ring for some unique occasion.

How lot Does the 925 Ring Cost?

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Unfortunately, the silver ring doesn’t cost a lot. In fact, that is price is much less when compared to the yellow ring that the exact same weight. The price of one gram of gold and also a gram of silver is not even comparable.

The price of silver- is not stable, and many things can influence it. So, you have the right to use an virtual calculator to get the yes, really ring price. In any type of case, buying a silver- ring will conserve you a lot of money compared to purchase a yellow one.

Let’s take into consideration some price for silver- rings according to their models and also weights. The ring with an ext details and with gems and also rocks will cost an ext than an easy wedding silver- rings. However, you shouldn’t salary either alternative too expensive.


1 gram1 ounce





Simple silver ring

Nowadays, you deserve to purchase some an easy 925 ring for less than $1, when you will certainly pay as much as $15 for the more complicated models and also those richer in style. On the various other hand, if you pick a diamond ring make of Sterling silver, it will expense you lot more, also $1,150.

Gold-plated silver ring

However, some 925 gold-plated ring may price a bit more, and you must pay $14 come $20 because that an average 925 silver- ring with 14K gold coating. It is much cheaper 보다 buying a 14K yellow ring, and also yet you have actually a quite blinking piece, i m sorry is also beneficial as in ~ the yellow is pure silver.

When you buy Sterling silver ring plated v gold, there is one more thing you need to be mindful of. The gold coating will certainly wear off in time, and the silver will end up being visible. If girlfriend don’t mind, then perhaps this cheaper systems is perfect for you.

How to check the silver Quality

It is always the finest idea to inspect your silver- ring in the certified jewelry store or pawnshop. The is a straightforward and easy task so the it won’t take lengthy to discover out what girlfriend have.

The experienced will scrape a little of her ring from a hidden place. The following step is applying a nitric acid on that silver. If you spot a milky white color, you deserve to be sure that you have Sterling silver. Unfortunately, friend will know that you have actually fake silver or just a ring v a silver coating if the goes green.

If you gain into a case that someone uses you an there was no sign ring, i strongly indicate not to buy it. Usually, the is simply some cheap steel plated through a slim layer that silver. Friend should constantly purchase stamped rings to protect against wasting her money.

On the various other hand, having actually or see a ring the looks prefer silver yet has strange hallmarks usually method that you probably possess a an important antique piece. Yes, you deserve to still find some models make in the period when every jewel store had its stamps. The finest you can do is to test the item of jewelry you have.

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No issue if her ring is silver or gold-plated, friend should examine the hallmark and pay the same price accordingly. The course, the rings price will rely on the quality of silver and the ring model you like. However, various other details, such as installed gemstone, personalized engraving, ornaments, millgrain, size, and also weight, will also influence the overall ring price.