It"s the motto that the many passionate of Tottenham fans have actually chanted throughout your illustrious history as one of England"s many successful clubs.

In prior of a packed residence of 87,660 at the brand-new Wembley Stadium, Tottenham Hotspur did your fans proud and did specifically what the old society motto said when they defeated their London rivals Chelsea FC, 2-1, in the Carling Cup Final.

Just 4 months right into his title as spurs manager, Juande Ramos has already added yet one more trophy come his vastly farming collection—which likewise happens to be Tottenham"s very first trophy in over nine years.

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"It"s constantly a significant satisfaction to victory a trophy," Ramos said.

"This one maybe has actually a special flavour come it because it was versus a team the was exceptional to us. Perhaps it renders it taste better."

Despite being the side the looked much more likely to produce a goal, Tottenham dropped behind in the very first half after ~ a free-kick strike native Didier Drogba got past the freshly recalled goalkeeper Paul Robinson in the 39th minute.


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However, the Lily white skin - man were no to be denied.

Working hard and also battling to rest even, Tottenham to be awarded a deserved punish after referee note Halsey ruled that Wayne Bridge had actually handled Aaron Lennon"s cross right into the penalty area.

Stepping increase cooly, Dimitar Berbatov can do no wrong together he convert a critical penalty to obtain his side earlier on level pegging. 

From over there on, the momentum swung greatly in Tottenham"s favor together they continued to heap on the pressure.

Spurs" captain Robbie Keane sent out Didier Zokora clean with on a break with just the goalkeeper to win in the 80th minute.

Chelsea keeper Petr Cech was referred to as into activity yet again in the 84th minute as soon as he made a an excellent stop on Dimitar Berbatov. 

This new found surging in to trust was carried over right into the extra-time interval when brand-new £8 million signing Jonathan Woodgate top in a courageous goal to provide Spurs the lead—all thanks in component to one uncharacteristic miscue by Cech together he failed to defend against a Jermaine Jenas totally free kick. 

In the final fifteen minutes of extra time, the Tottenham faithful were forced to endure some anxious moments together Chelsea piled on the push until the final whistle was blown in ~ Wembley.

Dashing operation from Chelsea"s Joe Cole and Salomon Kalou always posed a threat to Tottenham however it wasn"t sufficient to send the complement into the penalty shootout.

Defending more powerful than ever before before, the beat of Ledley King and also recently out of donate goalkeeper Paul Robinson was nothing quick of sensational.

In particular, Robinson make a strong bid to England manager Fabio Capello in his bid come reclaim the positon as England"s top goalkeeper. Feather assured and steady in between the sticks, Robbo seemed to have actually regained several of the confidence that was lost previously in the season.

New boys Jonathan Woodgate and Alan Hutton have currently began come justify your hefty fees by placing in heroic performances when they were defending against the lethal Chelsea attack.

Considered to it is in the Achilles hoe at the beginning of the season, the ago four the Tottenham delivered when needed most. Keeping the likes of candid Lampard, Didier Drogba, and also Nicolas Anelka quiet for many of the night, the Tottenham defence to be nothing short of spectacular.

Handed only his third defeat due to the fact that taking over for the "Special One" in Jose Mourinho, Chelsea manager Avram approve walked turn off the field in disappointment as his side come away north handed—much to the delight of 30,000 ecstatic spur fans.

"We success as a team and lose as a team," approve said. "There space always an individual mistakes in football, yet we shed as a team. Us will see what we have the right to learn from this game."