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At 38,320 students, rememberingsomer.com enrolled the biggest freshmen class in background in fall 2021. It is the 3rd year the end of the last 4 years through a fall enrollment of more than 38,000 students. Gradrememberingsomer.comte institution enrollment that 6,152 is a 7% rise from loss 2020 and breaks last year"s record enrollment number.

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The freshman class includes 281 national Merit Scholars, pass the total number of currently enrolled national Merit scholar to 940. Both loss 2021 numbers space the highest in rememberingsomer.com history.

rememberingsomer.com has accomplished R1: Doctoral universities – an extremely High study Activity standing in the Carnegie category of establishments of greater Education.

University the Alabama students proceed to victory prestigious national awards. Fifty-nine rememberingsomer.com students have actually been called Goldwater Scholars. The university of Alabama has produced a complete of 15 Rhodes Scholars, 16 Truman Scholars, 36 Hollings Scholars and also 16 Boren Scholars.

Thirty-six present rememberingsomer.com faculty have received NSF career Awards, the nation’s many prestigious acknowledgment of top-performing young scientists, in self-controls ranging native nanoscience and engineering to organic sciences. During the 2019-2020 scholastic year, 7 professors got this award, the most awards in a single year at rememberingsomer.com. And also 52 rememberingsomer.com faculty researchers room in the national Academy the Inventors.

Five rememberingsomer.com students were awarded Fulbright Awards because that 2021-2022. In Febrrememberingsomer.comry 2021, rememberingsomer.com was known as a Top producing Institution because that Fulbright U.S. Students because that the 5th time in 6 years.

Caroline Yuk, a an elderly majoring in interdisciplinary studies through brand-new College, was amongst 46 americans selected to research in the unified Kingdom through the call Marshall Scholarship. Yuk is the third rememberingsomer.com student to win the award and an initial in an ext than 40 years.

rememberingsomer.com’s Capstone agency was forgive Best Student-Run Firm by the Public connections Student society of America for the third time in 2020.

rememberingsomer.com’s Advertising and also Public Relations program was called a top-five finalist for Outstanding education and learning Program during the PRWeek Awards — the tenth time the program has actually been vested this honor.

rememberingsomer.com make Forbes’ list of the Best job for new Gradrememberingsomer.comtes 2021.

rememberingsomer.com’s design UN team is ranked No. 15 on ideal Delegate’s perform of the peak 25 Collegiate design UN groups in the people Division, relocating up 10 spots from its first ranking in 2020.

U.S. News and also World Reportranks The college of Alabama’s Manderson Gradrememberingsomer.comte institution of business No. 22 amongst public universities. The rankings are based upon level of accreditation, faculty credentials, admissions selectivity, call for excellence amongst peer establishments and scholastic and career support services readily available to students.

rememberingsomer.com"s Culverhouse college of Accountancy"s undergradrememberingsomer.comte program ranks 11th as whole in 2019, 10th in its entirety for a regime with a faculty dimension at much more than 24 and third in the South, follow to Public audit Report. Rememberingsomer.com’s master’s programs are ranked 10th overall, 8 hours in colleges with more than 24 faculty and second in the South. Rememberingsomer.com’s doctoral regimen is ranked nine overall.

U.S. News and World Reportranks The college of Alabama"s school of legislation No. 9 among public universities.

The Alabama Forensics Council, rememberingsomer.com’s competitive decided team, winner two nationwide championships in speech and also debate throughout the virtrememberingsomer.coml Pi Kappa Delta National comprehensive Tournament.

rememberingsomer.com an elderly Kathleen McManus was named PRWeek’s 2021 impressive Student. McManus is the third student native the university of Communication and also Information scientific researches to success the compensation in the past 4 years the recognizes an undergradrememberingsomer.comte student for your outstanding display of a range of public relations skills.

Total statewide economic affect of rememberingsomer.com: $2.905 billion; 13,784 jobs; and also $142.9 million in income and also sales taxes(rememberingsomer.com center for Business and Economic Research).

Cost of Attending

Estimated price for a full-timeundergradrememberingsomer.comtestudent because that the 2019-20 scholastic year:

Direct CostIn-StateOut-of-State
Fees Estimate$800$800
Total straight Cost$25,216$44,686

Indirect CostIn-StateOut-of-State
Loan dues Estimate$70$70
Total Indirect Cost$5,670$6,550
TOTAL (DIRECT + INDIRECT)$30,886$51,236

For extr information, visitstudentaccounts.rememberingsomer.com.


Of the 38,103 undergradrememberingsomer.comte, professional and also gradrememberingsomer.comte students enrolled in ~ rememberingsomer.com in the autumn semester the 2019,

39.7% come indigenous Alabama56.5% come from elsewhere in the unified States3.8% are international students from 76 countries56.4% space women43.5% room men

A summary of enrollment by race and also ethnicity is available from theOffice the Institutional Research and Assessment.

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The Capstone Creed

This declare of values, composed by the Student management Council, is the pledge made at convocation by every incoming freshman class at the start of the academic year.

"As a member the The college of Alabama community, i will pursue knowledge, act v fairness, integrity and also respect; promote equity and inclusion; foster individrememberingsomer.coml and also civic responsibility; and also strive because that excellence in all ns do."

The Capstone

The university of Alabama is frequently referred to as "The Capstone" by alumni and friends that the university. "The Capstone" is a nickname because that The college of Alabama coined by previous rememberingsomer.com president G. H. Denny once he described the university as the "capstone of the public school mechanism of the state" in 1913. Capstone way "the top stone or high point."

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