All month lengthy we've available Elf on the Shelf ideas for paleas yet foracquired around the many important thing once it came to scout elf life: What the heck do you carry out once you move or touch the elf by mistake?

Elf on the Shelf emergencies are no joke. Christmas magic is at stake and also reports to Santa can go unyielded (and that suggests no presents!). A 7-year-old New Jersey girl actually panicked to the allude where she called 911 to report the crisis. Thankcompletely, the elf was okay.

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We've heard various other distressing stories, from well-definition aunties motivated to move the elf for a funny Twitter photo to the family members pet deciding that they had actually a much better hiding spot in mind. Sometimes it just happens while you're singing Christmas carols.

What is the protocol for when a scout elf strays from its original place? The main Elf on the Shelf website recommends three methods to remedy the situation:

Write Santa a note to apologizeSay sorry to the scout elfSprinkle pure cinnamon around the elf prior to bed

Why cinnamon? It's "choose vitamins for scout elves" and also "helps them gain back to the North Pole." Who kbrand-new this spice was so magical?

We hunted roughly for even more details of what to do. One staffer parent suggested picking up a fallen elf through oven mitts, to aid minimize bumps and also bruises. There's a YouTube video that shows an elf relaxing comfortably through its head on a soft pillow of Kleenex and also continuing to be heat inside a potholder. It also demonstprices a unique arm motion that supposedly helps absorption of the cinnamon vitamins.

Another video reflects another in far worse problem. Henry had sustained elf-threatening injuries after falling from an extremely high place. He had actually his vital signs checked and a round of CPR atop a Lego hospital bed. The little bit male withstood dangerous surgical procedure and recovered with the assist of an IV of magic fluid, doses of candy canes and caring registered nurses made of snow.

"He was badly wounded once we discovered him. He had lost most his magic life blood. Luckily we discovered him in time," wrote the family members on the video page.

Do you have actually an Elf on the Shelf emergency story? Tell us in the comments what taken place and also what you did to fix it. Burnt out before Christmas? Check out these quick, simple and also cheap ideas and also have actually a good laugh at a few elves behaving badly.

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